Damsels in Quicksand #18
Running Time 57 minutes     Available on DVD-R and Blu Ray
There's really no substitute for talent, and these beautiful ladies are natural performers - even when the ground gives way beneath them!  Or perhaps especially so...
Look out for:
Ashley Lane, Kobe Lee, Anabelle Pync, Star, Summer Monroe,
Little Mina and Nyssa Nevers.
This DVD has talent, and is sure to satisfy!

Ashley is on the run. And the (unseen) bad guys are so bad that she is oblivious to her surroundings. We first see her as she plows through a flooded meadow, falling down and getting up again - always at full speed. Next, she blunders into a swamp bog. But because she fell in, Ashley doesn't sink deep right away. She fights against the mire. Sometimes she comes out a bit. But she always ends up deeper and deeper, until there's no doubt that she is deep in the grip of the quicksand. From there it's just a matter of time. Ashley screams for help.
Even the bad guys and a bullet would be better than this ....

Then, in her MPV debut, popular Kobe Lee tries out a new (real) quicksand area. It's a little slow going at first. But eventually, Kobe's body starts to settle into the soft, wet sand. When she is about waist deep, the sand starts to gurgle up around her, adding to the sensation of her voice and her string bikini disappearing beneath the surface.
She ends up chest deep in the swirling sand, looking awesome! r!


Next,  Anabelle is almost too pretty to be put through the Ball & Chain rigor. Well, almost. So she is made to drag the ball through the marsh, and then down into the swamp. But she doesn't quite drag it into the quicksand with her. It stays on solid ground, waiting to become part of the scene again. It doesn't have long to wait. That's because Anabelle is in dire peril, up to her chin in the bog. She needs to pull on the chain to escape. And she actually starts to get out. But the ball slips in with her, leaving a panicky Anabelle to wait and see if the chain is going to go tight once again ....
Also, Star was just out to enjoy a walk in the swamp when she spots a perfect specimen of Florist Swamptietis - and she just has to collect it. It's in a very mucky area, too mucky for her sandals. Then, as it turns out, too deep for her jeans as well. She makes her way towards the flowers. But it's a huge struggle. The bog crust is super thick. It's exhausting work. Eventually, Star realizes that she can push down on the surface with her hands and lift herself on top of the quaking surface. She gets the flowers. But getting back is a real problem. The crust is gone, and she starts to sink.
Maybe the flowers were not worth it after all. But can she take them with her? !

Next,  while helping to break in a newly discovered quicksand area, Kobe tries her hand (and body) at the Curious theme. But unlike previous victims, who scampered to safety several times before getting stuck, Kobe found herself trapped from the moment she stepped into the sand! And then she sank, moaning and groaning with her unique, husky voice. This is a brief scene. But it's not short on entertainment. See if Kobe feels right in the quicksand of your mind. I'll bet she does....
Lastly,  Little Mina has talked cell mates Summer and Nyssa to help her dig up some treasure. But once Mina feels that she doesn't need the muscle anymore, she tries to kill them one at a time in a bog. Hey, it's just a little Swamp Treachery.  But just because they were behind bars, it doesn't mean that the ex-cons can't survive in the wild. First Summer, and then Nyssa escape Mina's plan.
And then they go for revenge!  How many graves should they dig?  Oh, wait .... !

Damsels in Quicksand #18  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #18  DVD-R  Download
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Damsels in Quicksand #18  BD (Blu-ray)


Damsels in Quicksand #18  BD (Blu-ray)  Download
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