Damsels in Quicksand #19
Running Time 57 minutes     Available on DVD-R and Blu Ray
Either solo, double, or three at a time, the ground wants to swallow these ladies whole!
For your approval:
Nyssa Nevers, Anabelle Pync, Jessica Marsh, Summer Monroe, Ashley Lane,
Kobe Lee, Kendra James and Arielle Lane.
This title packs a punch!

First, Nyssa is taking Anabelle out for her mandatory field training, required for all Bogwater Security employees, regardless of their regular duties. It's hot, and Anabelle doesn't understand why a receptionist should have to rough it. However, when they arrive at the designated swamp, she tries to cross a bog as instructed. But, there's no bottom! She must have "missed it". So now Nyssa has a problem, because Anabelle had the keys to the ATV. Not wanting to spend the night with hungry wolf monsters, Nyssa decides to brave the boggy quicksand ....

Then, Jessica, walking alone in the woods, hears her voice whispered in the wilderness. At first she brushes it off as the wind. But then she becomes sure that someone, or something, is calling her. She follows the voice and realizes that a woodland bog is what is calling. So she answers, by stepping in. She starts sinking. Is Jessica scared? Not really. Will she go under?

Next, Jungle Girl Summer is out for a walk when she gets a call for help. Someone is in the quicksand! She arrives on the scene to find only a single hat floating on the surface. She reaches under it but cannot find anyone. She gets a vine and shoves it under the surface. She shoves it in deeper. And each time she tries something she slips in and must claw her way out. Finally, in desperation, she jumps into the bog, reaching deep, sure that the vine would save her at least. But it was not to be. The vine was loose. Adding to her misery, the would-be victim shows up with news.... Ready for some seriously dark humor at the end of a dark situation? A unique scene performed magnificently by a regular favorite!
Also, like other damsels before her, Ashley is mesmerized by the bubbling sand. She sticks her toes in it, and then her foot. After a while, she pitched forward and her leg sinks deep into the quicksand. She gets out. But Ashley is both extremely wary - and increasingly curious. She starts to leave but is drawn back. Can she play with this safely? She decides it's ok, if she doesn't get stuck. So Ashley sinks again into the quicksand. She gets stuck. And she starts sinking. Her voice progresses from irritated to concerned to fearful to panic, as she sinks deeper and deeper into the trap. What will become of Ashley? Will someone help her out? We may never find out....
Next,  Anabelle says "You Can't Make Me!" in a way that's hard to forget. Or is it the way her body looks, sinking in the mire? In any case, this is a submissive sinking scene worth savoring. Anabelle is instructed to take her top off and step into the Hammer Swamp. She makes it through one section only to find a much deeper area. She makes it to the rope just as she goes under, pulling herself out of the bog covered in muck. She is sure to not go in again. But then, we see her on the edge again - and going back in. This time it's a nice, gradual sink and disappearance. Thank you Anabelle!
Lastly, Kendra, Kobe and Arielle are swimsuits models on a 'rough' shoot in the woods. They are supposed to get sweaty and mucky for some dramatic shots at a lagoon. But none of them are prepared for just how mucky things will get! They arrive at the designated swampy area. One goes in one her own. One is pushed. The last one is pulled - into the quicksand bog. This is a very dramatic scene that features three talented and attractive actresses. What a tasty treat for the Hammer Swamp - and for us!
Damsels in Quicksand #19  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #19  DVD-R  Download
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Damsels in Quicksand #19  BD (Blu-ray)


Damsels in Quicksand #19  BD (Blu-ray)  Download
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