Damsels in Quicksand #21
Running Time 60 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here's another action packed hour of sinking excitement!
Get ready for:
Summer Monroe, Nyssa Nevers, Jessica Marsh and Kendra James.
An easy purchase makes for a short walk to the sinking zone!

First, Summer is out to document how real quicksand is, and has chosen a dangerous bog to prove her point. Everything is real. There are no backdrops. Everything is natural, and dangerous. And sure enough, the bog sucks her down several times. Summer has a rope and feels pretty safe - even though she pushes herself, as well as her luck. So why does she flop head first onto the surface? Did she have a plan? Maybe she started to reconsider when it was her feet in the air instead of her head. So, ok, it's real.

Then, this wasn't Nyssa's first sinking adventure, but it was her first time in real quicksand (done right). And, true to form, she made it very entertaining - just being herself. Nyssa is all about the senses. So when the wet sand started moving and forming against her body, she forgot all about us and sand as deep as she could. It's a sight to behold. And the sweat that started glistening on her face and chest just adds to the appeal. Thank you Nyssa!

Next, Jessica is walking through swampland, without any bug spray, and is paying the consequences. So when she arrives near the campsite from an unusual direction, she has to decide if getting muddy is any worse than getting chewed on by mosquitoes. She decides to cut her losses by getting muddy. Really muddy. So filthy, in fact, that 'loss' becomes the word of the day.
Also, when Summer was being interviewed by Vice, she summed up her involvement with four words; "I Like to Die". When you combine that with her natural appeal to sinking, you get a heck of a combination. So it comes as no surprise that she absolutely put a finishing touch on this popular series. Her hands bound tightly to her midsection, Summer struggles in the thick bog. She sinks in one section and then another, deeper one. She slips under the surface. But she finds some footing and manages to haul herself out of the mire. She sounds determined not to go in again. But her body betrays her by walking straight into the deepest section. There is no escape this time as it seems as if she made herself do it. But the cameras watch her all the same.
Next, you can be sure that we didn't miss a chance to see Nyssa stuck and helpless in real quicksand. And it's nice that she picked out a pretty blue dress for her fateful walk in the woods. Like other curious ladies before her, Nyssa plays with the wet sand, letting her feet sink deeper little by little - until she gets stuck in the mire. From there, it's a nice slow sink coupled with ever-increasing fear. At the end, Nyssa is wet, messy, stuck and hysterical. She knows it was curiosity that got her in there. What, or who, will get her out?
Lastly, when Kendra James came back for more Camp MPV action we just knew that she needed to be Pursued Through the Swamp. After all, she has those long legs and there is plenty of running room (and sinking) at hand. And Kendra did not disappoint! From the moment she plunged into the bog, the distress never let up. For a while though, it seemed as if she was making progress in the mire. But the Hammer Swamp would have none of that, and pulled her back into it's dangerous grip. If only they could do this well in the movies... But then, they don't have Kendra to make it happen.
Damsels in Quicksand #21  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #21  DVD-R  Download
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