It's Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 
For great savings, here's what you do;


  • First, take note of this coupon code - MPVBF2022
    You can enter this coupon code during checkout to receive an automatic discount.  The coupon code can be used repeatedly and will expire Monday night at midnight (EST).

  • Here are the savings that the coupon will produce.
    Orders of $20 or more are receive a 20% discount.
    Orders of $100 or more are receive a 30% discount.
    Orders of $200 or more are receive a 40% discount.

  • This works here and at Mud Puddle Visuals simultaneously.
    Since both sites use a common shopping cart, you can add DVDs to your cart from both sites and leverage the coupon to maximum effect by combining you purchases on one 'cart'.

    email us if you have any questions.


Don't Hesitate. Tuesday will be here before you know it!!


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