The Gravity of Quicksand
Collectors Edition
Running Time 133 minutes    Available as DVD-R and DVD-R Download
Kind of says it all, doesn't it?
While you feel the weight of that, it's time to take in another collection of sinking vignettes.
Kym, Darby O'Riley, Gummi, and Kristine, with retro appearances by Paris Kennedy and Brittany
No matter where you go, you can't escape the gravity of quicksand....
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First, Gummi (truly) explores deep muck on the shore of a pristine Canadian lake. But what would normally be a basic exploring scene gets the Gummi treatment.
What's that? Well, with Gummi, nothing is basic!

Next, it's Kym going crazy again, this time in the Studio 588 cork pit. If you enjoyed Kym Peat Crazy, you'll really enjoy Kym Cork Crazy!
Then, Gummi finds herself deep in a naturally sticky and dangerous bog! And, there's only one way to escape She has to climb out of that pretty dress!
We call this
Lady out of a Red Dress.
Next, Kym is a Quicksand Investigator. In a voice-over, Kym explains just how she came to be probing the depths of a dangerous bog.
After all, it's always nice to have an explanation when a beautiful private eye gets this deep into a case....
Then, Darby arrives at a bottomless natural bog for some R&R. It's a great location and a great gal. There's 'heavy' pleasure all around.
What more can we say?
Finally, Darby O'Riley is The Great Houdina. She shows up with assistants Kristine and Kym in order to practice for her next incredible escape attempt.
It wouldn't be right to give too much away, but needless to say, this tongue-in-cheek story written by Duncan Edwards has its share of twists.
Do you feel the gravity of it all? We certainly hope so!
Then, as a bonus feature, we get to enjoy hand-held camera footage of two photo shoots. In the first, Paris Kennedy poses for David Brand's 3-D still camera.
Then, it's over to the peat pit where Duncan Edwards was photographing
Brittany sinking in a sexy outfit.
The footage is unsteady and not complete, but is a treat none the less!
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