Island Quicksand #1
Running Time 106 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Oh yes, it's those lovely Filipina babes, sinking for you!
Six segments, plus a bonus scene, featuring tropical beauty and danger. It's hard to miss with that...
This DVD features: 
Joan, Andrea, Cathy, Jane,
Monique, Grace, Nicole, and May.
Buy into this DVD. It doesn't cost much to walk on the exotic side with the most friendly of women!

First,  Joan gives us a taste of the standard format used in the Philippines. She walks around the outside of the pit, feeling for the deep parts.
Then after a while, the drama starts as she sinks up to her neck in oozing peat! Like most of these scenes, she submerges twice. Very cool!

Next, Andrea is shown trying out an earlier version of the same pit. It looks watery, but it becomes pretty obvious that this sinking spot can grab pretty well below the surface.
Andrea has an amazing body, and looks great in street clothes and she sinks repeatedly with a lot of nice struggling. Good stuff!
Then, Jane, Cathy and Monique treat us to action and drama in Danger at the Mud Spa
 Jane and Cathy just want to relax, but Cathy has a knack for getting into trouble. And that includes not heading Jane's warning about the deep part of the clay pit.
After their interaction devolves into all out mud wrestling, they both require rescue from Monique. How will this all turn out?
Next, we see Grace  sink in the same version of Peat Bog that Andrea was in. Grace is super cute, and can't act very well, so this is a nice break from the drama.
But, Grace does look really good in there, so don't pass it up!
Then, Nicole gets into deep and sticky trouble when she tries out a dangerous clay pit for the cameras. Won't somebody help that poor girl??
Finally, we get to enjoy the sight of May giving the matured peat bog a good workout!
This delightfully long segment features multiple reactions and multiple submersions by the well endowed and talented May
This scene alone is worth much more than the price of this DVD. Watch it and you will agree!
Additionally this disc features Jane , sinking multiple times in a truly watery version of the peat bog. It is watery, but Jane does a great job struggling chin deep and
submerges a bunch of times. Jane looks really good. You'll agree that this scene is just way too good not to put somewhere!
Give her a hand already!
 Island Quicksand #1  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #1  DVD-R Download  
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