Island Quicksand #3
Running Time 104 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for more sinking, Philippines style?
This offering features eight women (two of them sisters) plying the depths of moist peat and sticky clay.
They may be slight in stature, but these Pinay beauties pack walloping punch of quicksand fever!

First,  Monique gives us a one-two punch. Due to a communications mistake, she changed wardrobe for each individual 'sink'. While that was less than efficient, it means that
we get a double dose of her beauty and form, as it settles ever deeper into the mire.!

Next, Nina checks out the oozing clay pit. It's all good until she hits the deepest part and dramatically decides that it's way too deep!
Then, Jane works out in a watery early version of the mango plantation peat pit. You'll forget how watery the pit is once she kicks in with the drama.
This segment features some really nice struggling and submersions.!

Next, we meet Day, as she struggles in the thick clay. She's a big gal by Filipina standards, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a great figure!
Owners of this DVD will completely enjoy watching her shapely legs slip into the slippery clay - again and again...
Then, Nina takes her 'over the top' acting to the peat pit and makes sure that every living soul within a half mile knows that there's some serious sinking going on!
Somebody help this poor lady!
Then, we get into the first of three bonus scenes from our 'experimental' phase. Ok, to be honest, it was a serious case of too much pit, and not nearly enough material to fill it.
But having said that, the ladies were ready to try sinking and submerging, and they did that with aplomb!  This first scene features Cathy.
Then, it's sisters Andrea and Chelle , who take turns submerging and getting rescued. Nice pedigree eh?
The last of the bonus scenes features Trisha.  MPV customers have already seen how beautiful she is. Now we get to see her as a beautiful damsel!
So, check out some Island Quicksand. At $15, it's pretty much impossible to go wrong!!
 Island Quicksand #3  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #3  DVD-R Download  
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