Island Quicksand #6
Running Time 118 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for yet more sinking, Philippines style?
This DVD delights the sinky senses with seven scenes and yet costs just $15. Amazing!
Sink in and see for yourself!!

First,  Jane sinks into thick deep peat multiple times. There are both dramatic and erotic responses. Her top comes off at the end. Definitely worth a look!

Next, Crystal places May's bikini top on a bog pole. They both end up struggling for their lives in this amateurish, but interesting scene.
Then,  Andrea sinks dramatically several times and submerges twice. This is a good one!
Next, Nicole performs in a trio of peat pit solos. In the first, she sinks with little reaction (but looks awfully nice while doing it!).  In the second, she is very unhappy about it and sinks to her chin!
In the third, she finds the experience highly erotic, and loses her top during the experience!
Then, Cherry sinks repeatedly with drama, submerging on the last two.
Then, Aiza sinks repeatedly with drama, submerging on the last two. Not as good as some, but worth a look!
Then, Gara's madam, Nicole, tries to teach Gara the art of sinking for someone's sexual gratification. But Gara proves to be a hard learner.
So Nicole has a go herself and fires Gara at a very awkward time....
 Island Quicksand #6  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #6  DVD-R Download  
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