Island Quicksand Amateurs #3
Running Time 115 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Is it possible to enjoy yet another lineup of sinking beauties?
Why yes, indeed it is!
Enjoy watching themwhile they probe the depths of the mango plantation bogs!

First, Joan goes through the paces as she sinks multiple times in mushy peat, submerging twice. The drama never really finds its legs, but Joan looks good while sinking and there are some tasty shots of her crawling out and shaking the goop from her clothing.

Next, Rose does a good job attacking a fresh peat pit. This was our first day of shooting and this was her first sinking - and she submerged like a champ. Call it beginners luck, but this was probably the best 'first submersion' I have ever seen. Nice looking gal as well!
Then, Angie looks fetching in plaid shorts and a pink spaghetti strap top as she sinks four times in the Philippines peat pit, submerging in the last two. She does good in this scene, with nice drama and steady sinking after each hip deep plunge.
Also, Apple makes her sinking debut by exploring a thick and mushy peat pit in the Philippines. She sinks multiple times, and finds her groove enjoying the sensual side of sinking. She doesn't submerge, but Apple does have a nice climax while enjoying the feel of the mucky peat against her nearly naked body. It's also apparent that she exhausted herself - to good effect!
Then, May treats us to sinking in 'street clothes' as she explores the last version of the large peat pit in the Philippines. DID fans will enjoy this, because there is nothing gratuitous about May's appearance or her reactions to the mire. Some realistic struggling and two nice submersions add value to this enticing entry.
Lastly, Michelle entertains as she explores deep peat and sinks and submerges for the first time. Very pretty girl with a nice body in deep mushy peat. Nice combination!!
 Island Quicksand Amateurs #3  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand Amateurs #3  DVD-R Download  
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