Island Quicksand Amateurs #4
Running Time 122 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Sometimes you find some nice nuggets in areas that seemed mined out. And here is a collection of gems worthy of collection. So have a look. Each of these gals is worth spending time with!!

First, the beautiful Kim, with her long legs (she's actually 5'10") graciously sinks for the cameras many times in this tasty bog offering. Kim has a strikingly pretty face and a graceful figure that looks fantastic slipping into the depths of the peat pit. Her acting is a little subdued, but earnest at the same time.
Her two submersions are right up there with the best of what we have seen from the Philippines.

Next, a (nearly) forgotten look at Ness exploring one of the last iterations of the peat bog in the Philippines. This scene roughly follows the usual exploring format, but goes a but quicker than usual. In any case, Ness is a quiet gal. She is tall by Asian standards. But she is also well proportioned and in good shape. Watching her sink into the bog is nice. One noticeable difference with this scene is the plunging. Ness does three nice plunges and her spontaneous reactions are nearly worth the price of admission! Make yourself comfortable and enjoy Ness. It's not hard to do!
Then, the first iteration of a peat bog in the Philippines didn't really measure up. We released some of these early scenes as extras on DVDs and so on. Others, we set aside. This is the only one that I have reconsidered. That's because it's Monique, who I have started to like more and more. She looks great, is easy to work with, and is quite fearless about getting wet and messy! Monique tries sinking for the first time in a nice looking pair of shorts and a halter style top. One thing that will appeal to submersion fans is that she comes up and goes back down again a couple times. And she has a nice damsel voice to top it off. Have a look. See if Monique grows on you as well.
Also, sometimes you get kinda lucky when there's a no-show. Because you start looking around at who might want to get messy. In this case, Joh stepped forward and offered herself to the cameras - and the peat pit. And why not? Her classic Philippines version of the Girl Next Door fits our fantasies. She's not hard on the eyes, and she's right there, unnoticed until she lets her soft legs sink into the goo - and then the rest of her! Joh goes through most of the exploring moves, but in a conservative way. The edit is also a little different, offering some lingering looks at her as she listens to the feedback from the crew. Cute enough? Absolutely. Ready to please? Most definitely.
So see what's it like to watch someone sink who had no idea this is how her day would go when she got dressed that morning!
Then, Ice gives the Philippines peat pit a try as she sinks many times in the mushy mess. She struggled a bit with her technique, so she did a few more 'entries' than usual. But is was always nice to her long legs disappearing into the bog and then coming out again. Ice has strong facial features that aren't for everyone, and her acting is muted, but her willingness to sink and get messy has a certain appeal, as does her pleasant personality and womanly shape.
Lastly, it's time to get a look at Jorie (sister of Andrea and Chelle) and what a great look it is! This scene started out like most exploring scenes, in that Jorie spends a fair amount of time getting familiar with the contours of the peat pit. But after sinking several times and trying her hand at drama, we decided to switch things up a bit and add some mucky glamour to the mix. And I'm glad we did! The change in direction let Jorie's smile out of its cage and she starting giving some pleasing facial expressions to go along with her obviously nubile figure.
Some minor wardrobe malfunctions were nice as well. :-) So check out Jorie. You'll be glad you did!!
 Island Quicksand Amateurs #4  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand Amateurs #4  DVD-R Download  
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