Quicksand Interactions
Collectors Edition
Running Time 1 hour, 19 minutes   Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Sinking is social! These Ultimate Edit vignettes feature social interaction as well as mucky drama and adventure.
Enjoy watching
Lena Ramon, Paris Kennedy, Brittany, Tatijana, Regina Anne, Pam, Kristine, Maggie and Scarlett Winchester interact with each other while encountering dangerous terrain - and a zombie!
Yet another wonderfully varied and entertaining quicksand video from MPV!
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First, submissive Paris says "Push Me" to Lena, her master. Lena isn't too happy about playing this new game. She would rather be in the dungeon, treating Paris to the usual assortment of humiliation. But as this new game wears on, and it becomes harder and harder to escape the bog, Paris begins having second thoughts. Lena, on the other hand, begins to enjoy the fear growing in her submissive friend.
Can Lena contain her pleasure? Or will it bring disaster to them both?

Next, Tatijana is sure that it's ok to go 'This Way'. Is it? She gets hopelessly stuck, and it's up to Brittany to rescue her.
Brittany ends up having to leave her friend to get help. Will she return in time?
Then, Lena wants to know "Is it True?". She wants the camera (her object of desire at the moment) to prove the local tradition that says women rescued from the area bogs are to be 'taken', on the spot, by their rescuer. As it happens, the tradition is real. But Lena should be have used a bit more discretion before choosing her would-be lover....
Next, we flash back to the classic 'Four in a Bog' scene. Pam, Kristine, Maggie and Scarlett frolic in a quaking quagmire.
Kristine and Maggie playfully submerge, while Scarlett gets hopelessly stuck and needs two guys to pull her free!
This ground breaking scene has been re-edited for your enjoyment.
Then, the camera once again becomes part of the scene when a lover is close at hand and whispering "Look a That!".
'That' happens to be Regina Anne exploring a deep peat bog. (This was Regina's first ever sink by the way). While the camera watches from behind some cover, Regina sinks deeper and deeper while the unseen lover pushes and coaxes the the viewer to sensory overload.
Then, it's fast, it's furious, it's Zombie Mire.
Lena is out for a walk in the deep dark woods and comes across a dire warning. She says "Zombie Shmombie" and keeps going.
Lena then comes across a hand sticking out of a mist shrouded mire. She tries to pull the 'victim' out of the quicksand, but it turns out to be a zombie!
It grabs her and starts to pull her into the muck. What follows is perhaps the most gripping footage we have ever shot.
This scene, written by Fred588, is an absolute 'must have' for the quicksand video collector.
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