Quicksand, Oh Shit!
Collectors Edition
Running Time 72 minutes
Available on DVD and as DVD Download
That's right - you're in it now!
There's no escaping another collection of six quicksand tales.
Say hello to
Kym, Lena Ramon, Darby O'Riley, Paris Kennedy, Sarai, Regina, Janice and Jessica Marsh.
As you can see, there's no going back, only down....
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First, there's nothing like a bevy of Cheerleaders when you need to see if there's enough elbow room in your bog! Paris, Lena, Jessica and Sarai are competing to make the final cut and also see who makes captain. The first one to sink under will not make the team, while the last one remaining above the surface will be the captain of the team. One by one they go under while trying to reach their pompoms on the other side, and one by one they are pulled out. But can the winner wait for help to get out, or will she try to get her pompoms? You'll find out in just a kick and a twirl!

Next, Lena says "Bog Schmog!" to Regina as she accepts a dare to see if the local bog is really that dangerous. After venturing in several times, the banter between them escalates, until Lena takes just one step too many (eh?) and can't get out. Regina tries to help, but it's too late!
Then, Paris treats us to a Quicksilt Glamour session at the lakeshore. She starts by sinking into the ooze up to her chest. Then, she repeatedly slides into the water to clean off before sinking all over again. Her bikini comes off eventually and she enjoys the sensuous feel of the silty muck. She ends the scene with a nice facial. Very Cool!
In Patience is a VirtueDarby is a cross country runner who can't be bothered to go around an unexpected boggy patch in the woods. Oh Shit!
Then, Janice is Sinking About You.  This is an old format that comprises many of the scenes on Quicksand Terror and Quicksand Arousal. But this scene is unique because it's done completely non-verbal. Does Janice get the message across?  You be the judge!

Main Entry:
Function: adjective Etymology: Latin gratuitus, from gratus
Date: 1656
a given unearned or without recompense
b not involving a return benefit, compensation, or consideration
c costing nothing free
not called for by the circumstances

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