Quicksand, This Way
Collectors Edition
Running Time 1 hour, 33 minutes    Available on Blu-Ray and as Blu Ray-R Download
That's right. Step this way 'cuz we wouldn't want you to miss it! Right this way to meet Darby O'Riley. Darby is great addition to the acting ranks at MPV and we're truly pleased to present her 'this way'.  
Along with Darby, this quality title also features Lena Ramon, Krystal, Pam, Kristine, and Jenna West.
As you can see, there's always more quicksand ahead...
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First, it's Darby's First Time. She explores a large muddy area in the desert, looking for squishy spots. As we have been doing lately, she performs double and then triple duty by not only experiencing deep mud for the first time, but by also trying out dramatic and erotic responses to it. Darby is very pretty and has a very pleasant shape. Folks will want to see even more of her after this starter!

Next, Lena is a Bog Nudist in a reprisal of her nudist role in Quicksand Impressions. In this case, she still doesn't have any clothes, or enough good luck to stay out of trouble! Be ready for yet another original interpretation by Lena - as well as a twisty ending.
Then, it's the Krystal Erotic Scene. MPV only has two scenes with this beauty, but they are both very good. This erotic situation is the perfect counterpart to the dramatic reaction she gave us on Alone in the Quicksand. She starts out by removing her heels and slipping into bottomless slurry. After enjoying herself while chest deep, she climbs back out and enjoys the feeling of her muddy dress for a moment. She then jumps back in and finds a fitting end to the scene. Krystal fans will NOT be disappointed by this scene!
Next, we present an unfinished Psychic World story shot at Studio 588 called The Cult. Kristine plays the cult leader while Pam is a faithful follower. Jenna is a recruit who isn't quite sold on the values of the cult. What she is encouraged to do is face extreme fear in order to access a 'portal' and cross it. What appears here is a complete scene, but due to time constraints at the time of production, the rest of the story is paraphrased in several text panels.
Then, we challenged Lena to act out Humiliation, dished up in the form of relentless deep mud. She starts out upset, and promptly runs into sticky lakeshore ooze. What ensues is a struggle with a 'tar baby' beach. Each attempt to free herself just makes things worse. Just watch and see how bad things can get. It seemed like a goofy idea at the time, but I'm glad we shot this. It's different in a satisfying sort of way!
Then, it's Darby again as she puts a boggy spin on Arachnophobia. What starts out as an energetic jog through the woods becomes a nightmare as she runs into one spider web after another. And then, while trying to keep all those creepy crawly things off of her, she stumbles into a terrifying peat bog! The spiders are soon forgotten as she finds herself in a fight for her life. How will it turn out? You can find out - right this way....!
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