Sinking Sexy #2
Running Time 73 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here is where we continue a brand new series of DVDs featuring nothing but sinking sexiness!
Six incredible scenes, featuring: 
Annabelle Genovisi, Sarah Michelle,
Odette Delacroix
, Nikko Jordan, and Ludella Hahn.
Sinking Sexy is what's all about...   It's Quicksand Visuals at its erotic best!


First, Annabelle and Sarah sink side by side for us, and love the idea of how arousing it is! They really push the buttons as they tease on the edge of the quicksand. Then they keep up the teasing as they step in and let their alluring bodies sink into the depths. Sarah adopts more of a frightened approach which contrasts nicely to Annabelle's overtly sexual approach to the situation. This is a very provocative scene, meant for all types of sinking aficionados, including the Damsel in Distress fans. Check it out!

Then, Odette is a wood nymph out for a casual stroll in the woods, accompanied by the sound of the forest and soothing music. But that nice feeling fades into a grim reality as she steps into a deadly pit of quicksand and sinks from sight. But being the nature girl she is, it's only at the last second that her fate is acknowledged. But by then it's far too late for little Odette!
Note - approximately half of the run time of this video precedes her stepping into the quicksand.
Next, Sarah would later say that this was her favorite scene of her stay at Camp MPV last year. And there's no doubt that she 'lost herself' in this mucky sink-fest in the gully bog! She carefully made her way out to the vine hanging in the middle of the mire before indulging in some deep sinking, submerging several times. At one point, she hauls herself out, but decides to sink again and have more fun. This is a delightful look at a very fun-loving lady!!
Then, are you ready for a super hot Asian babe getting off is a super deep and super sticky situation? That's what we have here, as Nikko ventures into 'Stuck Masturbation' territory (ok, we just made that up). I'm not sure how many of these we will do, but it seemed to work here, because Nikko puts on quite a show once she gets used to the grippy mess she finds herself in! As usual, there's some nice sinking action as well. But most of all, it's a great look at Nikko in an unusual and sexy situation.
AlsoAnnabelle stumbles into a sticky net and becomes hopelessly entangled. If that wasn't bad enough, she then stumbles into a deadly bog! But that isn't apparent to Annabelle right away, because in her struggles to escape the net, she rolls across the bog, nearly reaching the other side before her butt breaks through the surface and she begins to sink. It's been a while since we visited the 'butt first' theme, but it was worth the wait. Annabelle looks completely helpless, sinking with just her head and feet left above the surface....
Then, Ludella is looking forward to a nice secluded clay bath, but doesn't understand why there are no amenities when she gets there. But no matter, she sets her things on the ground and ventures into the 'bath', only to discover that creamy clay on naked skin feels pretty darn good! After enjoying the sensation of it, she goes to tell her friends but falls back in - away from the safety of the edge. Down she goes, deeper and deeper, realizing along the way that this area is *not* part of the spa.  Poor Ludella!
Sinking Sexy #2  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #2  DVD-R  Download
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