Sinking Sexy #3
Running Time 105 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
It's time for another batch of sinking arousal with an edge....
Another six gripping scenes, featuring: 
Summer Monroe, Saraliz,
Kendra James
, Ludella Hahn, and Annabelle Genovisi.
Sinking Sexy is what happens when Quicksand Visuals gets erotic!


First, Saraliz and Summer have a bad habit of playing a very dangerous game - of life and death! Summer comes home to find that Saraliz has once again decided to play with fate, trusting her companion to arrive home in time, read the note, and come to her rescue. How many times can they do this? When will the bog get its own satisfaction? Tune in and find out!

Then, the full potential of MPVBleck is revealed.  Because Kendra James absolutely relishes the grippy and mucky and downright sexy properties of the stuff in this wonderfully long and deliciously intoxicating video! There's no way to adequately describe this scene. It's hot, of course. And very long - over 32 minutes. Have a look at the preview clip. That's just a sliver of a taste. This scene just doesn't quit. Lovers of stuck, sinking and WAM will all groove on this. It's really really good!
Next, Ludella tears up the 'Sinking About You' theme, and the peat pit, and the cameras, and...well, you get the idea. The great thing about this series is that you never really know what you're going to get, and in this case, Ludella takes the whole Sink Tease to another level. Her burlesque background comes into play, as well as her ability to interpret anything handed to her. The pacing and dialogue are both very impressive. This is one sink you don't want to pass up!
Then, Saraliz brings the sinky heat and excitement as she keeps the 'Sinking About You' theme alive in tremendous form! Her smooth and sultry voice combines with her exquisite beauty in the clay, creating an irresistible combination. She slowly sinks while talking to the camera about how it feels. But after pleasing herself, the hints of danger seen earlier fulfill themselves in a frightening submersion. Is it part of the fun? Judge for yourself!
AlsoAnnabelle treats to a nice long tease in thick peat, using her body, her lingo, and a handy vine in the muck! She starts out with a nice long struggle to reach the gooey middle of the mire. Once there she sinks deeper, while hanging onto a sturdy vine. And really, this vine is strong, because Annabelle hauls herself out of the bog several times, giving us some great looks at her mucky figure. But what comes up, must surely go down. And se we are also treated to several nice 'bog dimples' as Annabelle plops back into the slop. Finally, after everyone is exhausted, she climbs out. I think that Annabelle can sink about us any time she wants!
Then, Annabelle leads Summer to the deep MPVBleck for some sinking fun in this provocative and sticky sinking scene! The sink together with their clothes on at first, and realize quickly how much more difficult it is to escape the bleck that way. But the next time in, they are naked, and enjoy the way it grips their bodies. But what catches them by surprise is how each other's limbs interact below the surface! They also have good fun blobbing the bleck on each other's heads - creating Messy Crowns as it were. And, neck deep in bleck *is* a great place to kiss your best friend - which leads to some great bleck sex! The cameras like that too.....
Sinking Sexy #3  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #3  DVD-R  Download
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