Sinking Sexy #5
Running Time 100 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
These ladies just keep getting deeper and even more aroused!  Annabelle Genovisi, Summer Monroe,
Nikko Jordan
, Star Nine, Kendra James, and Saraliz know sinking is sexual.
It's when Quicksand feels oh, so good!


First, Annabelle shows how some ladies can sink about us over and over again, but with a different flavor of fantasy each time! This time, she sports a lacy crotchless body stocking that fits her oh so well. And her body look magnificent in it as it slips deeper into the muck. But even before that, her filthy mouth is working its magic, as she teases us in the knee deep slop, having fun with the noises she can make. But eventually she sinks, keeping up the dirty talk the whole time. It's plain to see that she enjoys this. It gets better every time....

Then, Summer isn't the first lady to 'enjoy' the smooth grip of MPVBleck, but she may be the one that's easiest to remember. And that's because the sight of her shapely and toned body settling into the mire, and then struggling against it is spectacular! Her eroticism is somewhat restrained, but her physicality is not, as her strong body strains against the suction of the bleck, while the sensation of bondage adds to her thrill level. Summer is up to just about any physical challenge. So seeing her in action in such a remote, private and intimate setting is a real treat! Check out this long and luxurious sticky sinking scene!
Next, Nikko loves to sink naked in her favorite peat bog. So when she finds her trusty rope, it's a green light to strip and rub herself while slowly sinking up to her neck in the thick, gurgling mire. It all goes according to plan until she loses her grip while climbing out. She falls back into the bog - but this time without the rope! Will she experience nothing but fear? Good question....
Then, on a rainy afternoon, Star invites us to join her for some solo pleasure - only she gets to do it in thick, deep, clutching and heaving MPVBleck! But that's ok, because she pays plenty of attention to her audience, making sure that they are along for the ride. And Star knows how to keep that ride on a hard road. She pushes all of the sinky and messy buttons before rubbing out a tremendous orgasm on the edge of the pit. But before leaving, she humps the Bleck, and loses control quickly as it invades and then grabs her crotch. This is not for the faint of heart. Does MPVBleck work this way? With Star it does!!
Also, Kendra provides a nice variation on the Ignorance is Bliss theme by getting into danger, and then out of danger, by becoming aroused! She arrives at the wrong clay pit but decides the lack of amenities is no problem. A mud bath is a mud bath, right? The slippery clay feels good on her body. So much so, that Kendra becomes obsessed with how deep she can sink in the wonderful feeling. But fear becomes to creep into the experience and Kendra becomes alarmed at becoming stuck, deep in the clay. However, the tingling in her body takes over and she again and again loses her fear of going too deep. Just as her arousal peaks though, she realizes that her legs have floated free of the stickiness and she manages to crawl out! "Nice Spa" she says. Nice indeed!
And finally, Saraliz brings back the mixed response theme in appealing style as she tempts fate by satisfying her urge to sink in a deadly bog. She feels safe hanging onto a sturdy tree above her. It feels so good, she doesn't even bother removing her underwear. But what happens if she sinks too far? Will she care? Or will the grip of her desire be too strong? This is fantasy sinking at its finest, thanks to a talented and beautiful Saraliz.
Sinking Sexy #5  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #5  DVD-R  Download
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