Sinking Sexy #6
Running Time 94 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
We're glad that we started this series of DVDs. They really do sink sexy!  Sarah Michelle, Little Mina,
Ludella Hahn
, Summer Monroe, Nikko Jordan, and Star Nine sink into our minds.
There really is no escape!


First, sometimes going a second round with a hot gal can be more fun than the first time, and Sarah shows us why, as she straps on her tease mode and gives us another thrill in thick, mushy peat! The trailer only hints at the teasing dialogue Sarah treats us to. And you only get a small taste of how delicious she looks as she slowly sinks into the depth of the bog. This is 'Sinking About You' at its very best. Check her out!

Then, Little Mina returns to the dangerous clay pit in the forest, intent on experiencing the intense, mixed emotions of fear and arousal in the slippery deep clay. But she acts innocent, playing the part. She slips into the mire, nude. Once there, she slowly enjoys the sensation of the smooth mud, while the fear of slipping under slowly creeps in, enhancing her pleasure....
Next, Ludella is one of the sexiest ladies we have ever worked with. In fact, she is one of a kind in certain regards. So, it's understandable that she doesn't need to be over the top with adult activities in front of the cameras. So we decided that she would be 'happy' to be in the deep bleck. Well, Ludella being Ludella, 'happy' is *just fine* with us, and the cameras, and any guy with good taste.....
This delightful occasion was shot late in the day. We use lights now, but when this was shot, all we needed was Ludella.
Watch for nice struggling throughout the scene, and nice messy action towards the end. Enjoy!
Then, how do you even begin to describe this? Summer puts on a show for the ages - but it's really not a show. It's more like a spectacle, because Summer absolutely loses herself in the sensual challenge of the deep, thick MPVBleck. The cameras fade into the distance for her as she takes bigger and bigger bites out of the muck with her body, daring it to grab her and not let go. Her body is strong and her endurance is amazing ash she sinks and plows and wallows her way through the bleck nearly continuously - and never even loses her breathe. An amazing and sexy mess! A mucky and beautiful half hour that will last a lifetime.
Also, some things never get old when it comes to sexy sinking, especially when they involve a hot gal coming towards the camera and slowly sinking from sight. And that's the beauty of when they are Sinking About You. They know it's working for you. And Nikko does it as well as anyone. Nothing fancy. Just knowing what to do, and doing it until it's done. Fantasy sinking at its delicious best!
And finally, Star really gets down to business in this encounter with deep and sticky MPVBleck. Just the feel of it sucking on her toes pushes her over the edge and she slides in for the sensation of it gripping her entire body. She hauls herself out, plastered with goo and then rubs one out while pumping one leg in and out of the bleck. Then, it's deep time again as she goes under....coming back up a serious Goddess of Mess! A very memorable and sexy scene by the one and only Star.
Sinking Sexy #6  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #6  DVD-R  Download
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