Sinking Sexy #8
Running Time 80 minutes     Available on DVD-R, Blu Ray and as DVD-R and Blu Ray Downloads
Variety is the spice of life, they say. If that's true, then this is one tasty title! Here are scenes that feature a wide spectrum of beautiful ladies and sinky play spots. But what they all have in common is pleasure. And it shows!
Star, Nyssa Nevers, Ashley Lane, Sadie Holmes, Little Mina and Anabelle Pync sink for the delight - theirs and yours!


First, Star and Nyssa play a fun game in the bog. They take turns jumping in, knowing that the other will pull them out - and then apply some touchy feely action to finish off the sensation! They start out in sheer dresses and get down to their panties. But what they really get down to is some very tasty plunging action, followed by friendly rescues from the thick (and surprisingly deep) mire. Towards the end, they put trust to the test and let themselves submerge, trying to find a bottom. If you want to see two topless beauties have some slightly edgy and truly sexy bog fun, this is it!

Then, after seeing a dramatic quicksand scene in a movie, Ashley has a vivid dream. In the dream, she knows there is quicksand available, and finds it. She is drawn into it after removing her jeans. She sinks in the quicksand. She is scared, but reminds herself it's just a dream. But her arousal is very real. Chest deep, and with her wet shirt revealing her bra underneath, she orgasms while caressing her neck. Very nice! This is a custom scene with a truncated beginning. But Ashley makes us forget about that the moment her shapely legs sink into the undulating sand. Enjoy!
Next, just like all the other spa babes at Camp MPV, Sadie finds her way to the right, er, wrong pit of clay for her nude mud bath. Perplexed by the lack of amenities, she still tries out the mud. It feels odd at first. But as Sadie goes deeper, all other considerations fade from her mind - except for how good it feels. And this process intensifies as she sinks deeper yet. Chest deep in the ooze, she loses control of her desire, and doesn't realize what is *really* happening until the very end. Kudos to Sadie for entertaining so well on her first trip to this interesting area!
Then,  Mina has been told to check out the goopy and sticky oobleck in the back of the large yard. Finding some time alone, she follows instructions and shows up in a sexy nighty - and no panties. She plays with the bleck with her feet for a moment and then 'accidentally' falls down, her naked ass settling into the clutching MPVBleck. Not long after that, she has her first grippy orgasm in the messy and yet tough bleck. Next, she 'accidentally' sinks up to her chest in the pit - becoming aroused yet again. Finally, she tries to escape, only to have the goo grab her crotch one last time.
A truly sexy hat trick of orgasms. The good and messy kind!

Also, Anabelle can surprise while being surprised, so we provided only the basic outline of what would happen when she tries to sunbathe on a certain patch of sand. It was a good call, because she put a whole new charge into this classic sinking story. Butt-first fans will enjoy a large part of this as Anabelle sinks deep with her feet up in the air. From there, she struggles mightily against the gripping grains of the deep, soft, wet sand. This is a brief but powerful sinking segment that shouldn't be missed!
And finally, Nyssa works for the airline. She cashes in her miles and free rides on sinking adventures. And this trip finds her in Thailand - a long way from home. But she's not here for a manicure or a massage. She has done her research and knows where the quicksand is! And she finds out that Thai quicksand is as exotic as it sounds. It's fast acting, and has a strong grip, just the way Nyssa likes it. So she goes in a bunch of times. She also likes it deep. And she isn't disappointed there either. She lets it take her twice, coming back up fully satisfied. And the struggle to escape is fun as well (especially for us). Do you think Nyssa will ever get back to this sinking spot? You bet!
Sinking Sexy #8  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #8  DVD-R  Download
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Sinking Sexy #8  BD (Blu-ray)  Download
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