Sinking Sexy #9
Running Time 92 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Whether it be peaty bogs, deep and slippery clay or sinking sand, these ladies turn them into something very sexy! 
Sadie Holmes, Ashley Lane, Brittany Shae, May and Summer Monroe have a gorgeously erotic time
sinking and submerging for our entertainment. Sinking fantasies are real!!


First, you would never know that this was the first day at Camp MPV for Sadie Holmes, because she 'used' the Hammer Swamp like a champ - sinking over and over again without hesitation. And what a treat for us! Her vivacious personality is coupled to a very appealing body, her long legs seemingly made for the mire. She sinks a few times with her dress on. But that is discarded before she goes even deeper. Eventually she 'takes the plunge' and disappears up to her neck. There's some drama added when she misses the support while submerging, going under a second time before getting a hold of the platform across the bog. She crawls out at the end. But you just know the bog will call her again sometime ....

Then, Ashley Lane absolutely stuns the cameras with a mixture of fear and arousal that takes us all the way back to Mina's "I Love You Mark". She is that good. Ashley shows up for a remote mud bath in the woods, but doesn't realize that this is *really* the wrong spot. Undeterred by the lack of amenities, she gets naked and slips into the slippery clay. Unexpected arousal follows, complete with a surprise orgasm. It looks like that will be all the excitement for Ashley as she climbs out - until she slips back into the middle of the mud. She can't get out and it's scary.
But then that feeling comes back. Which will be the stronger of the two emotions? It's a well played toss-up......
Next,  Brittany Shae is turned on by physical danger - the personal kind. So when the safari guide pointed out the quicksand right before making camp, she just knew that she had to sneak back there and try it. She has a nice stout rope, tied securely to a tree. But the quicksand still manages to take her breath away, and make her very aroused. More and more of her safari clothing comes off as she goes in again and again. The first two times, she hangs onto the rope. But she plunges in the last two times. Each time she struggles to save herself from the clutching mire, it makes her that much more horny. In the end, she's very satisfied. She leaves her clothes there, but keeps the hat.
Then, May is at her sexy best in this beautifully mucky offering, as she talks to the camera while going through the paces in mucky peat. She repeats the phrase "I Like to Sink" over and over while more or less proving it to anyone who will watch. And I think a few folks will be happy to do just that, because this scene offers many nice looks at her charms. Her ample breasts and shapely derriere get a lot of attention here - especially once they are covered in the mucky wet peat. She also submerges like a champ and then performs several sexy plunges in the quaking bog. Nice!!


Also, Ashley shines yet again as she asks us if we want to watch her sink and then steps into mushy wet sand - and sinks. Ashley had been in the quicksand earlier, but it still takes her breath away. Maybe it was the way her jeans got wet and then crushed against her long legs as she sinks deeper and deeper. And her teasing is just as sexy, with a voice to match her lanky body. The scene ends with Ashley chest deep in the mire, asking for help. If you like Sinking About You scenes, you will find this a fabulous and very worthy return to the format. Like Ashley says, "do it!"
And finally, Summer, in her first scene of the season, absolutely owns the Sinking About You theme as she lets her voluptuous body sink all the way under the Hammer Swamp multiple times. Her first time is a dandy. The bog was thick and untouched, until the weight of her body penetrated it in superb fashion. After saving herself with a sturdy rope, she sinks again. On her third trip into the depths, she goes for a very physical plunge. Satisfied with having thrilled us, she pushes the rope aside and tries to leave. But the spirit of Hammer lingers over this place, and causes her to fall in butt first. Oops! What will be the last we see of Summer; her head, or her feet?
Sinking Sexy #9  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #9  DVD-R  Download
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