Sinking Sexy #10
Running Time 74 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for another interesting collection of Sexy Sinkers? There is something here for just about everyone, but most will like it all! 
Ashley Lane, Nyssa Nevers, Star, Jolly and Summer Monroe sink into all manner of danger and pleasure
- or is that pleasurable danger?


First, when the author of the original Horserider story offered to pen a tribute scene, I had no idea just how special it would turn out. In this short but powerful performance, Ashley narrates her favorite fantasy for us. And she then plunges into the bog and disappears. But, she is not happy with that. So, we see her *again*, her delicious body impeccably adorned in authentic riding attire - especially the tight pants. She explains that the first time was too fast.
So she enters the bog a second time, sinking slowly and then even talking about the bubbles we see after she submerges for a second time. Simply awesome!


Then, we're not sure how many folks will remember the original Sunbather scenes we did. But since we had worthy quicksand on hand, and some really fine ladies willing to do it, we shot a couple this past summer. And right away, we were rewarded by a fine sinking by Nyssa - towel and all! This obviously isn't the year 2000 anymore, because Nyssa is obsessed with reviewing her experience at the resort. So when the 'beach' turns out to be a patch of sand next to a creek, she isn't impressed. But she gets into it anyways. And we mean *really* into it! Down Nyssa goes, eventually screaming for help. But like the other Sunbather damsels before her, she figures out a way to escape. Will the resort escape her bad reviews? Probably not.
Next, Star shows us that the Sinking About You idea is alive and well, and in good hands. She takes her time with us, knowing we like the feeling to last. Wearing a cocktail dress, she slips into the Hammer Swamp. She likes it, but it's not nearly deep enough. So she gets out, gets naked, and sinks into the largest area of the mire. Star knows what to do, and what to say as she slides deeper into the depths of the wet peat. The Hammer swamp is wild. Surrounded by blackened and stunted trees, it is highlighted by vivid green growth - both signs of the swampy nature of the area. And Star is wild, taking her heat under the surface, and getting yours to boil over. Sinking about it? Let Star do it for you.
Then, in Jolly's fourth and final scene in the peat pit, we see her at her most relaxed and playful. This addiction scene actually features a fair amount of wallowing, and Jolly manages to move against the thick and clinging bog and roll around in the shallow sections. But eventually, she is drawn to the deepest part of the mire, where she slowly submerges. After that, it's a long struggle to get out of the thick and mushy pit. A nice outing with the strangely enigmatic Jolly. Enjoy it!
Also, Nyssa has arrived at the remote clay area at the summer spa in the woods. Or, at least she thinks she did. But there are no promised amenities, such as a bench to put her robe and towel. Even worse, as soon as she feels ready to enjoy the sensation of the clay on her body, she realizes that her feet are stuck. After a mighty struggle to free her feet, she crawls out, disappointed with the experience. But her real experience is about to begin as she falls back in - right into the center of the deep mud! This time, she is not only stuck, but sinking as well.
When does she realize that she's in the wrong spot? When it's too late...

And finally, we usually get the right gals to try the right things, but how we didn't think of Summer sinking about us in deep clay before is a mystery. But this solves it in a very pleasing way! That's because Summer puts her athleticism to good use by slipping into the clay and climbing out repeatedly. And a good deal of the slipping was real, as she ended up going in unexpectedly several times. Summer's dialogue is also a pleasure. She hits all the right buttons as she sinks ever deeper. Towards the end she wants to go "really deep" and finally, she announces that she wants to go right in the middle of the deep clay. And so she does - completely. Are those big bubbles the end of Summer? She would love it if we thought so, even just for a few seconds....
Sinking Sexy #10  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #10  DVD-R  Download
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