Damsels in Quicksand #22
Running Time 55 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
You like variety in your quicksand entertainment?  Well, we're still bringing it!
Get ready for:
Kobe Lee, Arielle Lane, Nyssa Nevers, Kendra James, Summer Monroe and Sadie Holmes.
They face a variety of sinking dangers in a sexy and dramatic way!

First, Kobe really looked forward to working with us. So, it was extra interesting to see how she would do as a damsel in quicksand. Interesting indeed! She literally threw herself into the marsh (twice) and into the swamp (once is all it takes). She struggled like a champ and went under like a pro. What more can we say? It's Kobe Lee, sinking in mucky mire. Enjoy it!

Then, if you haven't yet experienced the rush you get watching Arielle Lane on camera, this is a great way to ease into it. And that's a nice way to put it because Arielle eases into the wet sand - and then gets a surprise of her own. It feels good to her. Really good. And seriously, nobody told Arielle how to react. So when you see the flowing wet sand work it's magic the moment her crotch makes contact, it's real. If there was ever a time to not stop someone, this was it. Her breathing and other sounds are all legit. So we just let her go (deeper and deeper).  Arielle is special, and so is this scene!!

Next, folks have been asking for a truly dramatic scene in MPVBleck, and here is one! Nyssa is out in the woods looking for Elsie, her cow. Nyssa is pissed that she is even out there, and stumbles into a small patch of bottomless quicksand! She sinks deep and tries to escape several ways. But she can't, and goes under, cursing Elsie the whole way. We would have left things that way, but after a pause in the action, Nyssa is seen climbing out of the ooze, still cursing her missing cow. It was too good to not include it!
Also,  Kendra takes the "You Can't Make Me!" theme up a notch as she resists being told what to do - even pointing out to her master that the sign back there did say 'Quicksand'. But before long, she is naked and struggling in a very dangerous bog! She slogs through one section, only to sink even deeper in another. Unable to touch the bottom, she goes under. Kendra then pulls herself above the surface before getting dragged down yet again. She finally escapes and declares that nobody can make her do it again. Wanna bet? Kendra just can't resist after being told to jump back in.
What will happen next?

Next, some ladies are born to become damsels. It's a kind of talent - being helpless and sexy at the same time. Arielle is one of those ladies. And we're glad she made her way into the quicksand. Like the other curious gals before her, she doesn't know what's coming (or where she's going). It's just that the wet, bubbling sand is irresistible to her bare feet. And also her legs, and more. Before too long, she is helplessly stuck up to her chest in the heaving sand. Getting her arms out seems like it will help. But it doesn't. Keep your eyes on Arielle. After all, it's pretty much impossible to look away...
Lastly,  Summer and Sadie, shackled together at the wrists, are on the run in a dangerous swamp. Sadie sees the quicksand. But it's too late to warn Summer, who goes in. And that, of course means that Sadie is destined to follow. It doesn't help that they can't agree on how to get out. And so they sink deeper and deeper. Summer goes under. But she thinks there still may be a way out.
And well, it's not like they really cared about each other...

Damsels in Quicksand #22  DVD-R


Damsels in Quicksand #22  DVD-R  Download
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