Will I be able to play MPV DVD-R discs?
Almost certainly. Because of the low number of DVD we sell, it is not economically feasible to have normal DVDs mass produced. So we rely on DVD-R (recordable) technology. Virtually all new DVD players and most new DVD ROM drives are compatible with this format. However, older DVD players may have problems.

Also, our discs are 'Region Free' - meaning that they can be played anywhere, including the EU and Asia.

If you purchase a DVD-R disc from us and it is defective, we will replace it.

What happens if a DVD-R doesn't work right, or stops working?
DVD-R is not a stable media. In fact, some reports have indicated that this technology should not be considered reliable for data storage beyond four or five years. We recommend copying the files of purchased DVD-R discs to a hard drive. This way, if a disc stops playing properly, it is possible for the customer to make another. This does not violate copyright law.

If you purchase a DVD-R from MPV, or through Aquantics, and it stops working properly, contact us and we will replace it - usually without requiring the original returned.   We don't want folks to be stuck with stuff (we worked so hard on) that won't play.

How long will it take for me to receive my stuff?
I process orders on Tuesdays and send them on Wednesdays. 

Domestic orders are sent by Priority Mail and customers receive their orders on Fridays, sometimes Saturday. International orders are sent by Air Mail and take 10 to 14 days to arrive on average. Occasionally, orders sent to the EU take as long as three weeks to arrive.

Mud Puddle Visuals does not offer rush (overnight) service.

Does the packaging indicate what is inside?
No. Small domestic orders are sent in Priority Mail video boxes. All international orders and large domestic orders are sent in plain padded mailers. In all cases, the return address is:

P.O. Box 155
Centerville, TN   37033

International orders require customs forms. On these forms, the contents are described as "Video" or "DVD" or "Compact Disc" only.

How does the Downloadable DVD process work?
Downloadable DVD are distributed as an image (.iso) files.

The image files are created directly from the master DVDs. Once the image file is 'burned' to a recordable DVD disk, the resulting disc will look, sound, and function exactly as a disk purchased from MPV.

Unlike before, the link distribution is now automated through the shopping cart. However, the link provided is to a text file, which includes the link to the DVD download. This extra step will be eliminated eventually, but the text file is available immediately upon a successful purchase. The link to the text file appears on the cart itself, and is also included in the receipt, which is emailed to the customer.

The link itself will be valid for at least 48 hours from the time it is sent. Additional links can be sent to the purchaser as needed. The .iso files are large (over 4GB), and will take a considerable amount of time to download. Sufficient time (and patience) must be allowed for this portion of the process!

The .iso image, once downloaded, can be used by disk utility software (such as Roxio) to burn a copy of the DVD. If you have little or no experience with this process, it is seriously recommended that you try this with a DVD-R that you have on hand. First, create an image (.iso) from an existing DVD-R disk, and then make a copy with the .iso file. Mud Puddle Visuals WILL NOT offer refunds for DVD download purchases. The only way around technical difficulties that a customer may have is to send a copy of the actual DVD through the postal system. Please E-Mail MPV if you have any questions about this new service.

Where can I download photos and individual scenes?
That would be at Club MPV. Check it out!


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