Island Quicksand #2
Running Time 124 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here are more of those sexy Filipina babes, sinking for you!
Six segments, plus a bonus scene, featuring tropical beauty and sinking excitement.
This offering features: 
Grace, Andrea, Joan, Aiza,
Angel, Ashley, Jane, Cathy, and Princess.
Check out this DVD. It doesn't cost a lot to walk on the wild side with these brown skinned beauties!

First,  Grace gives us a taste of the standard format used in the Philippines. She walks around the outside of the pit, feeling for the deep parts.
Then after a while, the drama starts as she sinks up to her neck in oozing peat! Like most of these scenes, she submerges twice. Very cool!

Next, Andrea checks out a mucky clay pit. She probes around for the deepest parts before making a game of charging through the clay a plopping into the deepest area.
There not a lot of drama here. But there is a lot of stuck and struggling moments as Andrea forces her young body through the thick and mushy clay!
Then, Joan works out in a watery early version of the mango plantation peat pit. It is watery, but the peat is there, just below the surface. All it needs is to be churned up
by a sexy lady with wonderfully shaped legs. Joan? This one's for you!

Next, we find out that Aiza is Drunk! She stumbles into view with her mostly finished bottle of booze and just can't stay out of the sticky clay pit!
Like the Andrea scene, this is more about struggling and humiliation. But it works, because this clay is thick and grabby. Just wait and see how well it holds your attention!
Then, Angel will challenge you self control as she removes her towel and shows off her teeny tiny pink bikini bottoms - that seemed to have been made just for her.
But they were also made for sinking, apparently, as she takes them with her into the wet and deep peat.
It wasn't too long ago that this scene would fetch twice the price of this DVD. But now, it's just another in a wonderful collection of island quicksand scenes....
Finally, get a nice taste of the newest efforts as Ashley samples a delicious ne peat pit at the mango farm. These new scenes follow the old recipe. But they have shot
with upgraded (AVCHD) cameras that catch every nuance of mucky action. They catch every nuance of Ashley as well, so it's a win win!!
Additionally this disc features Jane and Cathy , who are experiencing Water Glass Envy. It's really hot. And with only one glass of water between them, it's trouble for both when
the glass ends up in a watery bog hole. This is a splashy and sinky segment that features a lot of rescue action.
Additionally this disc features Princess , sinking multiple times in a truly watery version of the peat bog. It is watery, but Princess does a great job struggling chin deep and
submerges a bunch of times. Princess looks really good. Give her a hand already!
 Island Quicksand #2  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #2  DVD-R Download  
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