Island Quicksand #4
Running Time 104 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for yet more sinking, Island style?
This offering features five standard and two bonus scenes of gorgeous women sinking in mud and peat.
Have a look.  You won't find quicksand content like this anywhere else!

First,  Monique gives us a look to fall in love with.  Her chiffon cover-up look stunning on her. But when it get wet and filthy from her sinking in the gushy peat,
it adds to the moment by drastically changing color sticking to her like glue.  Oh, and Monique submerges twice. Yummy!

Next, Aiza sinks into a clay pit several times (getting seriously stuck) and has a dramatic reaction.
Then, Gara first explores, and then practices acting in, a watery peat pit.
Next, Sandra explores a mud pit and then tries her hand at sinking drama. Pretty gal, gets stuck as well!
Then, Jane sinks with drama into the peat pit five times, submerging twice.
Chelle sinks under the surface of a watery bog and is rescued by her sister, Andrea.
The last of the bonus scenes, Cathy falls into a watery bog and rescues herself by grabbing onto a handy bamboo pole. Good drama!
 Island Quicksand #4  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #4  DVD-R Download  
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