Island Quicksand #5
Running Time 120 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for yet more sinking, Philippines style?
This DVD ups the ante with eight scenes (six normal, two bonus) and yet costs just $15. Amazing!
Scroll down and see for yourself....

First,  Sandra has several different (as well as mixed) reactions to sinking...

Next, Angel and Liza are participating in a high stakes Scavenger Hunt. Only one survives...
Then, Monique sinks into a clay pit several times (getting stuck once) and has a dramatic reaction.
Next, Angel first explores, and then practices acting in, a watery peat pit.
Then, Crystal is at her usual smoking hot best as she turns her nubile body into a peat pit dip stick.  It's fun to watch. And watch...and watch!
Then, Angie sinks repeatedly with a mixture of reactions and submerges several times...
The first of the two bonus scenes, Aiza plays a drunk gal who drops her bottle in the clay pit.  This was supposed to be a 'messy' scene, so the sudden sinking
that happened caused a do-over.
The second of the bonus scenes features Monique in another of the brief self-rescue scenes that we shot before the peat pit was ready for prime time.
But it does has its moments as Monique put a lot of energy into this.  Enjoy!
 Island Quicksand #5  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #5  DVD-R Download  
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