Island Quicksand #8
Running Time 131 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for yet more sinking, Philippines style?
This DVD pushes the boundary of affordable quicksand entertainment. It's just $15. Amazing!
Sink in and see for yourself!!

First,  Nicole looks really good in a simple dress, as she sinks multiple times, submerging twice.

Next,  Angel is chasing ducks and ends up in a deadly peat bog. Some nice struggling and three submersions on the way to a self rescue.
Then,  Cathy takes a whack at a vastly improved peat pit in the Philippines. She sinks several times and really brings a good sense of struggling.
Cathy continues to work out in the peat pit with two nice submersions shown from multiple cameras. This is pretty good stuff from a natural performer.
Next, Chelle (Andrea's younger sister) slips off her sarong and slips into yummy looking deep peat. She sinks several times, submerging twice.
Then,  Pearl  looks quite the Island Girl as she sinks multiple times in a deep peat pit. Lots of nice looks and a couple submersions to boot!
Then, Cathy is out chasing chickens and ends up falling into a deadly tropical peat bog. Can she escape?
Finally,  Angel in her usual intoxicating mode - this time in the Philippines peat pit. She may be the most complete TSM gal ever!
 Island Quicksand #8  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #8  DVD-R Download  
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