Island Quicksand #9
Running Time 115 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
So, here we go with more tropical quicksand action, but with even more variety!
This DVD covers the gamut of looks and feelings. And at just $15, it's hard to overlook!
Enjoy the Filipino sinking goodness!

First,  Nina looks awesome in tiny pink bikini bottoms as she sinks multiple times in wet, soggy, deep peat. Her two submersions are at the top of the heap for TSM gals.

Next,  Jane is the first to try out a brand new peat pit. It's too thick for her tastes, but that doesn't keep her from doing a bunch of vertical leaps into the thick mush. She then walks off to wait for more wetness, and then returns to find the pit much softer.
Then,  it's rare that a gal sinks for the first time gives the impression that she's done it before - and is really good at it. But that's what happens with 'new girl' Jolly. She uses her natural strength (and pleasing physique) to wow the cameras with really nice sinking dynamics and strong vocals. She does five dramatic sinks and submerges nicely on the last two. Very cool!
Next, May finds herself in the grasp of Nina, who thinks the leggy schoolgirl has seduced her husband. After shoving May into a dangerous pit of mud, she leaves. Can May escape?
Will anyone help her?   A rare muddy dramatic offering from the Philippines.
Then,  Angel offers up her usual intoxicating self as she sinks repeatedly in a wet, deep peat pit. She sinks repeatedly because her intent was to treat us to a variety of reactions. 
There's a lot going on in that pretty head of hers, and it shows....
Then, May sinks in peat and repeatedly asks the camera for help. "Please help me! I'll do anything!" There's no story here. It's just May and all of her charms sinking, pleading, climbing out and repeating. She does a nice submersion at the end.
 Island Quicksand #9  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #9  DVD-R Download  
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