Island Quicksand #10
Running Time 111 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Now, It's time for the next compilation of boggy video shot
in the tropics. Six scenes that will leave you gasping for air...
Check it out!

First, Its another May in Peat scene, but this time she's looking hot in a nice pleated skirt. This is the bodacious version of May from a few years ago. Her top doesn't come off, but her charms are still evident as she dips her womanly body in the wet peat repeatedly. Two nice submersions cap off this sinking treat from the Philippines.

Next,  Angel looks great in a short sleeveless dress and boots as she sinks in a peat bog during a rain shower. She offers a nice mixture of arousal and fearful reactions. The sexy mess begins with Angel emerging from her first submersion and the submerging twice more. She flashes some interesting looks at the cameras in both parts. Definitely a deeper look into Angel's layered personality.
Then,  Jolly treats to the usual repertoire of sinking in the large, deep and mushy Philippines peat bog. This time around, she dons a bikini and sarong. The sinking is on the rapid side, but Jolly comes through again with her strong husky voice and convincing emotions. While she doesn't stay under very long, her submersions are nice and steady, and each sink is enhanced by a nice slow struggle to get back out of the goopy mire. All in all, a nice long visit with the enigmatic Jolly!
Next, Nina drags a helpless May to a mucky bog, dowses her with water and pushes her in. Nina gloats at May for a moment and then walks off, leaving May to struggle, soaking wet and sinking, for her life! May seems doomed, but then is able to reach a piece of bamboo and slowly haul herself out of the mire. But the bamboo dooms her in the end because she stumbles on it and falls back into the bog....
Then,  her ransom was not paid, so Cathy needs to be disposed of. Her kidnapper, complete with a bolo knife and a stocking on his head, shoves her into a bog. Here, he dunks her repeatedly, telling her to die. It's no wonder that the ransom wasn't paid, because this guy probably can't even remember his name! Really dumb. He runs off, leaving Cathy to try to untie her hands and escape the mire....
Lastly, Cherry, Angel and Crystal charge into multiple sinking scenarios with sexy energy. First, they are on the run from some bad guys and blunder into a peat bog wearing bikinis. They promptly sink from sight. Then, they do the same thing topless. Then, they find their way to the pit a third time, again topless. But this time they are all over each other with romantic intent, and the sexy sinking romp continues in the mushy peat. After a lot of sexy action with the gals alternatively attacking each other, they submerge one by one.
The scene ends with a brief shot of them out of the pit, completely covered!
 Island Quicksand #10  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #10  DVD-R Download  
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