Island Quicksand #11
Running Time 141 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for more than two hours of tropical bog action?
This DVD delivers sinking action throughout, and features our most popular Filipina damsels.
If you have the time, sink right in!!

First,  In a very pleasing return, Angel treats us to her unique style of dramatic sinking - while sporting a nice negligee. In part one she sinks twice to her neck, and is well under way with a third decent into the mire. Angel really knows how to help suspend reality as she controls both her body and her voice in a constructive way.  As the scene continues, Angel completes that third entry into the pit, and then sinks twice more, submerging both times. She treats the camera to some nice struggling and never fails to impress while climbing out as well.

Next, May puts the newest Philippines peat pit through the paces as she mixes her reactions and takes off her clothing as the scene progresses. She does a couple nice submersions as shows off her body for her fans. Then, May goes down to her panties and adds sensual wallowing to the mix. May fans will be glad to add this scene to their collection!
Then,  Our second look at the enigmatic Jolly is a good one. It's light on 'skin' but heavy on aural and emotional appeal. She struts around the peat, sinking a lot and submerging several times. Her submergences are a bit awkward (extremely brief) because she tended to forget to close things like her eyes or mouth. But it's almost forgotten because her raw appeal is almost always 'on'.
A brief wardrobe malfunction punctuates the end of this 20 minutes of sexy sinking escape.
Next,  Nina gives the Philippines peat a workout - sinking in four separate outfits! In part one, she starts out with a dramatic response while wearing a shiny string bikini and a sarong, tied around her waist. After walking around the perimeter of the pit, she works her way into the deep part and starts sinking. She unhappily sinks to her neck before finding some traction and hauling herself out. In her second scene, she's wearing a short cotton skirt and a print spaghetti strap top. This is an erotic response and Nina does a good job 'enjoying' the sensation of sinking up to her neck in the wet goo. After a brief fade to black, she is shown crawling out of the pit, covered with muck.  Then, Nina sinks twice more, but this time with submersions. She continues with the arousal, wearing maroon colored 'sweat' shorts and a tangerine colored cotton top (no bra). She sinks up to her neck, really enjoying herself, and the slips under the surface. She re-appears a moment later, and crawls out of the wet peat. In her final appearance, Nina is sporting pink short shorts and a lacy green top. It's more drama this time as she struggles against the pull of the mire and sinks below the surface. Again, she re-appears totally covered and climbs out, completely filthy and exhausted. .
Then,  Cherry does a good job sinking in a deep peat bog and projects some nice drama along the way. She seems to get a good grasp of the emotions that quicksand fans want to see.
And the fact that she's easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either! ..


Lastly,  May seems oblivious to heavy rain as she visits her favorite bog for an erotic sink. Even though she keeps her clothes on, this video is charged with sexual tension - and Mays undeniably exotic looks and body.  Let in rain, May!!
 Island Quicksand #11  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #11  DVD-R Download  
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