Island Quicksand #12
Running Time 127 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Ready for another two hours of island quicksand girls?
This title features an abundance of sinking action and features many of the ladies that have become favorites.
Make yourself comfortable. By the time you are finished, gravity will have affecting everything!

First, Nina thinks that Cherry has stolen her fiancÚ from her - and attacks Cherry on the edge of a dangerous bog hole. Both end up sinking all the way under before being rescued. This is actually the continuation of a story which began in the Philippines clay pit (where Nina took her rage out on Jane, who was kissed by Manager Bob). In any case, this scene is fast and furious and sexy!

Next, is an extended look at Angel is on tap as she sinks four times, each time in a different outfit, alternating between dramatic and erotic responses. In part one, she starts out in a bikini, covered by a sarong. In a sexy twist, the sarong comes off due to becoming saturated with muck and getting tangled in her legs as she sinks. She continues her fearful descent until getting neck deep. She then manages to slowly crawl out of the pit. Angel then appears wearing a plaid pleated skirt and a sleeveless top. This time, as she sinks, she explains how good it feels. She once again crawls out slowly, after being "very relaxed".  The there's another round of erotic and dramatic sinks, but with submersions. This time, the arousal is first as Angel appears in a tight denim skirt and a print spaghetti strap top. She walks around the perimeter of the pit for a while and then gets into the serious business of sexy sinking! After submerging, she crawls out. Angel's last trip into the peat bog is dramatic, and features another skirt/top combo. She struggles nicely and disappears from sight. A moment later, she is seen surfacing and crawling out.
A must-have for Angel fans and fun for everyone else as well.
Then, Crystal goes through the paces as she sinks multiple times in mushy peat, submerging twice. The drama doesn't run very deep, but Crystal looks good while sinking and there are some tasty shots of her crawling out teasing the camera with her body.
Next, Cherry returns for more sinking action as she encounters the most updated peat pit in the Philippines. She puts her exotic looks and shapely compact body to good use as she alternates between dramatic and erotic reactions. She caps it all off with a couple nice submersions. Time spent with Cherry is time well spent indeed!
Then, Pearl really revs it up in this sexy sinking scene! Her charms are very 'Island Girl' centric, so this won't appeal to everyone. But Pinay fans (and Pearl followers in particular) will like this a lot. There are several great shots of Pearl's form, both sinking into, and rising from, the mucky peat. Her submersions are brief, but she does linger nicely at the surface before going under. Lots of nice chatter to the camera as well. And, not many gals look good plastered with peat, but Pearl does. Check her out!
Lastly, in a return to the sinking 3x3 format, May, Sherly and Daz gals sink together three separate times. The first two rounds are both dramatic. The second of the two is performed topless. In the spirit of 'Running from the Bad Guys' they run straight into the bog together and sink beneath the surface one by one. So, six dramatic submersions in a relatively short period of time. Then there's round three, which is erotic. All three ladies are topless. Also in the spirit of 'Running from the Bad Guys' they run straight into the bog together and sink beneath the surface one by one.
The catch here is that they find the experience sexually arousing. While they don't get as friendly with each other as the models the first 3x3 scene, it's a nice long scene featuring three submersions
and some nice feelings!
 Island Quicksand #12  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #12  DVD-R Download  
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