Island Quicksand #13
Running Time 138 minutes     Available on DVD-R, BD-R as well as DVD-R and BD-R Downloads
Here we go with more tropical quicksand action!
This title covers the gamut of looks and feelings. And at just $15 - even for Blu Ray, it's hard to overlook!
Enjoy the Island sinking excellence!

First, Angel has been kidnapped by a gun toting bad guy and thrown into a bog. After she sinks to her neck, the kidnapper starts pushing her deeper and deeper, taunting her with the fact that she is going to die if her ransom is not paid. He pushes her under the surface several times, but Angel manages to surface each time. After a while, the kidnapper leaves, but Angel is trapped in the bog with her hands bound! Can she escape? A tree branch seems to offer hope, but is it strong enough?

Next, Nicole is back, and looking as hot as ever as she experiences mucky peat for the first time. It's not certain why, but the depth and consistency of this bog really seemed to unnerve Nicole, even though this was not her first sinky experience. But none the less, she sinks five plus times, and submerges twice, alternating between dramatic and erotic responses. All in all, this is a nice long look at a perennial TSM model, and a sweet gal to boot. An absolute must-have for messy Nicole fans!
Then, Merlissa is one of those memorable gals that doesn't necessarily stand out with stature, but with a really cute face, and uh, really cute breasts. She looks delightful wearing a teeny bikini in the wet peat. She seems right at home going deep, and really has a believable take on the drama and arousal, and with a couple of very nice 'first time' submersions. If you like an Asian gal with all trimmings that has no problem stepping into a deep mire, Merlissa is for you!
Next, sexy Laine makes her Muddy Pinays debut in a very mucky and dramatic way! We decided to make the peat bog at the mango farm extra messy, and we are glad we did, because Laine made good use of it, with both her willingness and her sexy form. This scene follows the typical exploration/screen test formula. That means many sinking sequences, alternating between fearful and aroused responses, capped by two very deep efforts. Laine did not submerge on her last trip into the bog, but put on quite an erotic show all the same!
So enjoy meeting Laine, she is worth a good look, and then some!
Then, Angel R just has that cute Filipino look that says 'friendly', in a very cozy way! So when she takes to sinking for the camera, it's a treat. She definitely takes her time. And it's not really clear if she does it intentionally, or if there's some genuine apprehension built into her desire to please us. Either way, it lets us drool over her very approachable features. After getting used to the bog, she takes her shorts off. Then she sinks some more. Next, her top comes off. Angel seems shy about that - but not really. Before she submerges, she gives us yet another look by letting her hair down.
This is a cute sinker that deserves your 'attention'.
Lastly, Sherly has always been one of the quiet gals in the Philippines. But she is pleasing to the eyes, with a nice womanly figure. So, it was a nice surprise to see her 'turn it on' in the peat pit for the cameras. Her body language is very nice. And her voice adds to the appeal. She goes through the standard sequences of sinking (5 times total) and treats us to a couple nice submersions. But the real treat here is her very realistic struggling to haul herself out of the clutching peat. Stuck and struggling fans will enjoy the extended moments of Sherly trying to make her escape!
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