Island Quicksand #14
Running Time 139 minutes     Available on DVD-R as well as DVD-R Download
Oh my! It's like someone decided to make an all-star Pinay sinking DVD.  Nobody actually did that (honestly), but hey, it happens. Right?  In any case, each one of these ladies is someone's favorite.  How about you?

First,  it's an updated classic sinking scene which originally appeared at Muddy Pinays. Shane D has never looked better. And this reworked video really stands out as a classic. Shane sinks multiple times, her lush legs and body disappearing nicely in the thick, wet peat. Her top comes off, and we get to see the dilemma of shyness overcome by the effort it takes to escape the clutching muck. Her two submersions are nice. And she looks as good as anyone plastered with a coating of bog. Have a look at this. It really is a winner!

Next, of all the ladies we have filmed in the Philippines, Jane is one that always pleases the eyes and ears. She is genuine on film, and it's all appealing. So this offering is edited in such a way that we don't miss a thing. We see all the sinking and struggling and excellent submersions, as well as the effort to climb out afterwards. There are breaks to keep the feelings apart. But there's really only one feeling in the end. And whatever you call it, it's all about sexy Jane and the way she sinks for us!
Then, here is one of the last unseen gems from the time of sinking in the Philippines. And it's May, one of the best, looking fabulous in a string bikini. And the peat mire was in top form as well. It definitely resisted May's attempts to move in it. So much so that she hesitated a few time on challenging the deepest parts. The gripping muck also added to the spectacle of watching her drag her magnificent butt and legs out of the pit. Two nice submersions take place in the later parts of this scene. And May is one of those gals that doesn't lose any appeal when she's covered in ooze.
If you are a fan, this definitely belongs in your collection of May moments. This is one worth savoring!
Next, Jazz makes quite a first impression as she sinks in mucky peat for our pleasure! She has a slender and yet shapely body that will appeal to a lot of guys. And it becomes immediately apparent that she is quite flexible and capable with it. After a significant struggle, she is able to escape her first deep exploring sink. But even so, it's never boring watching her clamber out of the muck as she alternates between dramatic and erotic sinking responses to the mire. When she eventually gets down to her thong panties, it's just that much better! Spend some time with Jazz.
She'll make an impression...
Then, Gara look as hot as ever, this time in a blue metallic string bikini. And she does a good job of dipping all the delightfulness in a wet and goopy peat bog, submerging twice. Her acting is on the wooden side, but that is forgiven, considering the additional wood that will be around after she walks into sight and then walks into the bog! One of the standout aspects of this offering is the repeated delight offered as she climbs out each time. Gara has a body to behold and they got that part right this time around!
Lastly, there was this one day when the crew in the Philippines took some instructions literally, and had Crystal (as well as Nina and Angel) do four 'scenes' instead of four segments. So, each girl did four separate scenes with unique wardrobe. So, it's really four times the fun, as your get to see Crystal sinking 'fresh' over and over. And this is Crystal, in all of her glory. Crystal is beautiful - but wild. It's an odd combination, for sure. And again, she goes deep four times, submerging nicely on the last two.
Have a look. A lot of work went into the edit process, to extract every juicy moment of this juicy lady!
 Island Quicksand #14  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #14  DVD-R Download  
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