Island Quicksand #15
Running Time 140 minutes     Available on DVD-R as well as DVD-R Download
Should it be beautiful women who sink for our entertainment?  Well, this DVD puts that question to the test. Because this line-up is absolutely stunning when it comes to Filipina beauty. Scene by scene, the level of beauty is captivating.
Of course the bogs are as well. Are you captive - or are the ladies?  You decide!!

First, it's time for MPV fans to meet Chloe, one of the more understated TSM gals. I like Chloe for the usual reason I like Filipinas. She's cute, very squeezable, and eager to please. But she has that rare characteristic of being more and more interesting the longer you look at her. I think Chloe runs pretty deep. Of course, she goes deep here, submerging twice, and re-appearing plastered with goopy peat! Sit back and watch her learn the sinking ropes. She listens, and get better every time she sinks.

Next, it's a nice tasty look at Cherry that should not be overlooked. It's not as fleshed out as a typical 'exploring' scene (no submersions), but Cherry is in really good shape here. She always has appeal, due to her natural exhibitionism, but she really owned the short shorts she was wearing in this scene, and put her body to good use for the cameras. She goes into the peat three times in this scene. The first is with no reaction, followed by a dramatic turn, and then a nice arousal sequence. She goes topless at the end, in a modest sort of way. All in all, a great little treat for the Cherry fans!
Then, the fresh and alluring Daz makes her sinking debut a memorable one! Daz has a nice appeal and looks terrific in short shorts and a bikini top. She has an eagerness to please and gets deep and mucky with no hesitation. Her series of dips in the muck follow the usual pattern, alternating between arousal and fearful reactions. Both flavors have an appeal, and her submersions are short, but sweat. Watch for some tasty wet and messy shots each time she climbs out. Very nice, Daz!
Next, watching Shane move is a pleasure all by itself. So when you get the messy topless thong thing going with a bunch of sinking action, well, it's pretty much irresistible! This was a brand new location. So Shane was a little hesitant about going in the deepest part. But she did eventually, even jumping straight in several times near the end. She caps off her muck, sinking escapade with a nice, slow submersion. This offering is priced a little lower than usual due to the lack of verbal output. But visually, this is near perfection if you like a bodacious Asian gal sinking for your pleasure!
Then, it's a dose of real beauty, as Liza treats us to multiple sinking trips in the peat pit. Liza has the kind of face that you can stare at for hours. Even so, she has the same eagerness to please as the other gals, and actually puts some nice emotion into parts of this scene. Fortunately, the crew left the cameras running each time Liza hauls herself out, showing an nice muck-covered shape top go along with striking looks. Two nice submersions (and surfacings) are included in this entertaining sinking trip to the tropics!
Lastly, Marian, sister of Laine, just might be the prettiest of all the Pinays MPV has had the pleasure of working with. So, it's a real treat to find out that she can entertain while sinking - and has a comely body to boot! She goes through the usual paces, with the cameras getting tasty looks at her angelic face and squeezable legs. This scene was edited for maximum 'exposure', and yet it goes by smoothly. Marian is anything but hard on the eyes!
 Island Quicksand #15  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand #15  DVD-R Download  
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