Island Quicksand Amateurs #1
Running Time 149 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here, we get to watch beautiful Filipinas try their hand at acting in quicksand.
They may not have all the gifts needed to succeed in Hollywood.
But they certainly have what it takes to make blood boil in sinking fans.
Have a look!

First, it's new girl Emerald who delights us by sinking for the first time. She isn't a natural actress, but it's hard to fault her effort - especially when she brings obvious charms to the deep, mushy peat - and submerges them. There are some really nice moments when the bog seems to swallow her as if enjoying a meal. But then, watching her young body struggle to get out of the bog is a delight as well. All in all, it's 23 minutes well spent if you like watching hot babes sinking out of sight!.

Next Angie returns for more action in the peat pit, this time wearing pink bikini bottoms and a striped top. She doesn't go topless, but does a good job struggling and submerging (twice). Her first sink is notable for a mixture of acting and real apprehension...
Then, Nicole pleases yet again - with her unmistakable island beauty and her willingness to sink deep for the cameras! After walking the perimeter of the bog hole a couple times, Nicole embarks on a series of sinking tries. This was basically a screen test environment for her and the crew, as this pit (which is quite deep) was new for this shoot. Yummy stuff though, with some tasty shots of Nicole climbing out, soaked with peat pit ooze...
Next,  Due to a mix-up with shooting instructions, several Tropical Shots models did three scenes in the peat pit instead of three 'sinks'. (Talk about chewing through wardrobe!) This is one of those episodes. So we get to see Trisha three times, first in a bikini, then in shorts and then (in part 2) in a skirt. In this video (1 of 2) she starts in a bikini and explores and sinks, but with no reaction. Then, wearing the shorts, she enters the pit again and puts on quite a dramatic show. After some nice struggling, and sinking to her neck, she manages to find some traction and slowly drags herself out, collapsing on the edge, exhausted.  In the last segment, we are treated to Trisha's erotic encounter with the bog. It's always nice to see how a pretty gals countenance changes when aroused, and Trisha doesn't disappoint! She gets deep and proceeds to grunt and groan and gasp and twist her face in some interesting ways. Some teasing and (later) inadvertent eye contact adds to the enjoyment. But really, ok, she goes topless as well. It's more of a tease than full topless, but by the end of the segment, it's satisfying all the same.
Trisha is fun. Trisha is cool. And she's aroused, deep in mire. Good times!
Then, Cathy looks fetching in a pleated skirt as she sinks multiple times for the cameras. Her reactions are better than average for scenes shot in the Philippines and her unique physique adds charm for guys who like slender gals. Definitely worth a look.
Lastly, In a surprisingly entertaining way, Raine displays her exotic looks while sinking like a champ, even though it was her first time in front of the cameras. This scene starts in the usual way, with an exploration of the peat bog. But when Raine bites on the drama, it's plain to see that she has natural talent. Then, in the arousal segments, she really comes into her own. Her submersions are impressive as well. This is one of the Pinays that is worth a serious look!
 Island Quicksand Amateurs #1  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand Amateurs #1  DVD-R Download  
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