Island Quicksand Amateurs #2
Running Time 132 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here, we get to watch more beautiful Filipinas try their hand at acting in quicksand.
There is something unmistakably attractive about Asian beauties sinking for us.
Take a peek!

First, new girl Ann brings her cuteness and bodacious body to an encounter with deep, mushy peat. She does a good job learning the ways of sinking for the camera. In part one, she gets an orientation and tries her hand at both dramatic and erotic responses to sinking. Ann amps up the action by doing a dramatic submersion and then stimulates the camera even more by removing her top for a sexy erotic sink that finishes her peat encounter with sexy excitement!

Next, Angel R makes her sinking debut as she tries out a brand new peat pit in the Philippines. As one of the fresh faces for TSM, she makes an impression - and on the camera as well!
Then, Fiona makes a memorable impression with her sinking debut with her inviting looks and willing attitude. As soon as she appears, it's obvious that Fiona has a certain appeal. It's hard to pin down, but I think it's her eagerness to please that is striking. Of course, she also has the physical charms to go with the eagerness, so it's an arousing combination. Fiona also makes more eye contact with the camera than is normal for these exploring scenes. This personal touch is also compelling. Give Fiona a look. She proves herself worthy in a very sexy way!
Next,  are you ready to meet yet another cute Filipina willing to sink and submerge in a peat bog? Jenny is one of those 'sleeper' cuties that are fun to 're-discover' at editing time. I think you'll agree! Jenny goes through the regular paces with the sinking, alternating between dramatic and erotic responses to the mire. She has a nice shape, a cute face and a clear voice. But Jenny also has that 'something extra' that's hard to describe. Maybe it's her willingness to please. In any case, she's very easy on the eyes, and offers a very warm and satisfying feeling.
Then,  Pearl gives herself and the mushy peat a nice workout as she sinks repeatedly in the Philippines peat pit. She sinks nicely a total of five times, submerging on the last two. Fans of Island gals with compact bodies will especially like this offering as there are many nice looks of Pearl as she goes through the sinking paces.
Lastly, in her sinking debut, pretty Maricar makes quite an impression. She has striking features and a pleasing body, so when she puts them to good use in the soft, wet peat, it's a real treat. She also loses herself several times in the sensation of the mire on her bare skin, which is rare for a beginner. She doesn't go topless in this scene, but leaves a very sensual and satisfying sensation all the same. Have a look!!
 Island Quicksand Amateurs #2  DVD-R  


 Island Quicksand Amateurs #2  DVD-R Download  
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