Pinay Peat Addictions
Running Time 144 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
When I realized that there was a nice assortment of Addiction scenes that needed homes on DVD titles, it became obvious that they deserved a title of their own. After all, who wouldn't mind watching six of TSM's best gals succumb to their secret messy sinking desires? So get ready for May, Nicole, Cherry, Daz, Sherly and Crystal as they sink into their secret desires!

First, May just can't resist a nice looking pit of wet, mushy peat! And that's good for us, because she really turns up the heat when she starts sinking on the bog. But there's a catch - she can't get her clothes messy, lest anyone detect her filthy habit! So, just as her skirt is about to get dirty, she climbs out and removes it. And the same later with her top. After that, it's a delicious wallow in the mushy peat, capped by a nice submersion. May eventually climbs out completely covered in filth. But after putting her clothes back on, she struts off as if nothing is amiss.
It's a classic addiction scene, played to sexy perfection!

Next, Nicole is out for a stroll, wearing a white cargo skirt and a strapless pale blue top. When she sees the peat pit, she knows better, but just has to give it a try. So, off with the sandals and in with the feet, and the legs, and eventually, everything else! After removing her skirt and her top, Nicole doesn't see any problem with letting her entire body slip beneath the surface.
After that, it's all about wallowing in the wet peat and getting away with her clothes just a tad dirty.....
Then,  Cherry loved to put on a show, so even when she is supposed to be lost in a messy and sinky moment, she has to share it - especially with the cameras! This tasty scene features plenty of sinking, as well as some stimulating wallowing. Cherry is also one of those gals who proves the adage about how a gal carries herself goes a long ways. And she has 'it'. Cherry is literally always fun to watch. And watching her makes it very easy to imagine sinking with her, or under her, or on top of her. It's all good. She has it, and wants you to as well....
Next is a nice, long gem found in the Muddy Pinays editing queue. It's Daz, with her cute face and nubile body, going through the addiction routine in the large Philippines peat bog. And Daz seems to like the concept as well, because with minimal direction, she thoroughly enjoys herself with some nice wallowing action and two submersions. It seemed while editing this that she seemed to spend too much time chest deep, playing with the surface of the bog. But then it was realized that she was copping a feel of the muck on her bare breasts (and who knows where else).
So, all of that was left in for viewing enjoyment.!
Then, are you ready for a woman's take on sinking and wallowing in a bog? We ask that because Sherly is not a girl. She has a mature demeanor and a slow and purposeful way about her - just right for a long encounter with a deep and messy bog hole! She's addicted to this sort of thing. So when she sees a perfect spot, she immediately justifies the sinking and wallowing that will follow. She sinks up to her panties before removing her skirt, and up to her chest before removing her top. Then, she goes about enjoying herself in the muck, vertically and horizontally. The cameras catch her obvious charms as she rolls around in the bog. She enjoys sinking as well - and nearly goes under once. But she wallows some more before sinking again, this time all the way under.
This is a long and luscious look at one of our favorite TSM models.
Lastly,  Crystal just can't stay out of that pit of mucky peat - and she doesn't care who finds out! It's just as well, because we can't stop looking at her. She's got a mixture of hot and cute that is irresistible! Crystal starts out wearing a pale blue sleeveless tee shirt with pink panties covered with a black sarong. She wants to home 'clean', so she discards the sarong and shirt pretty quickly. What follows is a nice long wallow in the peat punctuated by her cute facial expressions and teasing butt shots. At the very end, she goes completely under the surface and comes up looking like some sort of island earth goddess. Check it out!
 Pinay Peat Addictions  DVD-R  


 Pinay Peat Addictions  DVD-R Download  
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