Pinay Peat Teasing
Running Time 121 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Well, this turned out to be quite a collection of scenes! In fact, if you asked for an all-star lineup of TSM gals, especially ones that take to sinking, this may very well be it. Each scene is played to the camera, with the intention of inflicting maximum effect all the way down - and under.  Joan, Shane, Crystal, Nina, Cherry and Jane rock the peat bogs like nobody's business. And we get to watch!

First, Joan has always enjoyed being looked at, but now she's added a couple elements to her pleasure - mud and peaty mess! Joan walks into this scene wearing a lacy summer dress with white panties underneath. She feels rather neutral about the whole thing, but then starts to get into the mood of it and asks the camera to join her. But, after the dress comes off, and the peat starts to rub her this way and that, the smiles and laughter follow right along. Check out the preview to see how this went. Words can't quite describe it!

Next, Shane loves attention, and so it's quite nice when she decides that sinking in mushy peat is a trick worth trying. And it works! Shane sinks multiple times, and makes sure that we are watching each time she climbs out as well. For the finale, she plunges straight into the deepest part of the bog and works her way under. This is the kind of gal that wears muck well.
Go ahead and get excited. :-)   It's what she likes ....
Then, it's never a bad time to hang with Crystal, and this time it's a scrumptious half hour of mind numbing sexiness in the wet peat bog! This scene is a tease in every way, both verbally and physically, as she enters the bog over and over again, going deeper each time. And she keeps a steady beat with the lingo. Crystal loves attention, and she makes sure she gets it. She has a great body and knows how to use it. Deeper and deeper she goes. And the clothes come off at just the right moments. She actually gets a little tired towards the end, but it's understandable. 'Wearing it out' is par for the course with this fun Filipino gal. See if you can make it to the end yourself!
Next,  Nina really knows how to give you The Look. Actually, she has several of those looks, each more compelling than the last. So when she combines that charm with her delectable body in the deep mire, it's impossible to look away. Nina rocks a short pleated skirt (the kind with the shorts built in - but don't worry, it comes off). She sinks up to her chest, making great eye contact, going under in the process. Then she climbs out and does several nice plunges wearing just thong panties. As an added bonus, she puts on a minor 'exploring' clinic for a couple new models. We get to see her take on a dramatic sink as well as an erotic one. Fun (and arousing) times!
Then, if there's one thing you can count on, it's Cherry getting your attention. You can just feel the animal inside of her, wanting to get out and devour you - all of you. But in this setting she has to settle for molesting a blob of thick peat. You have to see Cherry in action, really. She's hard to describe. But what is certain is that she does four really nice plunges. And in the midst of that, manages to catch a nice dose of peat between her legs. Did I say that she would devour you? Get between those thighs and you might not return!
But honestly, Cherry is as sweet as they come. Just watch out for the animal....
Lastly, it's been a while since we have enjoyed Jane's company. And here's a great way to fix that, because this scene is a great reminder of how nice it is to watch her move and hear her speak - and enjoy watching her sink! Jane is one of the rare gals that just takes to going deep naturally. You just know she thinks about it when she's at home because there's just no hesitation about her body entering the muck and going deep. And we get the added pleasure of her grammar challenged (and yet sultry sounding) dialogue. Jane is very yummy!
Add this to your collection. Jane will keep you coming back....
 Pinay Peat Teasing  DVD-R  


 Pinay Peat Teasing  DVD-R Download  
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