Quicksand, One More Step
Collectors Edition
Running Time 72 minutes
 Available on DVD and as DVD Download
That's right - you're right at the edge!
Just one more step, and you'll be enjoying another six well crafted quicksand vignettes.
So step into
Kym, Lena Ramon, Darby O'Riley, Paris Kennedy, Sarai, and Jessica Marsh.
So as you can see, there's no going back, only forward...one step..
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First, Kym takes an Unexpected Trip when she stops in the woods to relieve herself. She almost gets back in her truck safely but is captivated by the sound of party music coming to her through the woods. Without a care, the part girl in her takes over and she starts to follow the sound of the music. But what happens when the music suddenly stops?
Tune in and find out!

Next, Lena says "Dare You!" to Darby when they come across a muddy stretch of beach. The dare is really just to get muddy, but they both get much more than they bargain for when they eventually realize they have decided to fool around in quicksand!
Then, it's Cave Girls part one. Lena is the leader of a small band of cave girls. Sarai is a loyal follower, but Paris thinks Lena is clueless and Jessica just wants to get along.
See what happens when Lena (who really isn't too bright) tries to lead her pack through a dangerous bog.....
In Cave Girls part two, Paris and Jessica have left the jungle behind and have gone to live in Cousin Bob's cave in the desert for a while.
But before they can even hook up with Bob, they decide to go swimming. Their fun in the water includes teaching each other how to hold their noses while they are under water.
But their fun doesn't last long because they get out of the water in the wrong place! Time to hold their noses again?
Then, Lena finds a hat on the ground and decides to add it to The Collection.  But which hat gets added to which collection?
Then, Sarai has a close encounter with the Swamp Wraith. Sarai has inherited an estate far from her home. While inspecting the property by flashlight on her first night there, she encounters a spectral vision. The wraith puts her in a trance and leads her to a bottomless pit of mud and disrobes. Sarai follows her into the deadly muck like a robot. Only when the bubbles marking the place the apparition went under begin to pop does Sarai realize her predicament. Is it too late?  Take one more step and find out for yourself!!
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