Quicksand, Straight Ahead
Collectors Edition
Running Time 1 hour, 34 minutes
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That's right - you're still headed right for it! Keep on going and you'll also meet Kym. She is yet another outstanding addition to the stable of MPV performers.
Also straight ahead is
Lena Ramon, Darby O'Riley, Paris Kennedy, Sarai, and Jessica Marsh.
So as you can see, there's always more quicksand straight ahead...
Trailer now available!!
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First, it's Kym's First Time. She is game for the deep stuff, but ends up doing a lot of sexy mud stomping in search of a sinking spot. Not to be denied extreme muddiness, she goes ahead and gets that 'just sunk' look!
Ok, it's not really a great sinking scene, but it's a great way to warm up, and get to know Kym.  :-)

Next, Lena, Kym and Darby O'Riley give a brand new Studio 588 pit a spin. We called it New Pit Test, but it's more of a sinking smorgasbord as they take turns falling in and submerging. We think you'll agree that this quicksand look really cool!
Then, it's Quicksand 101. Lena plays a Psychic World instructor with three female students (Paris, Jessica and Sarai) in tow. After they enter Psychic World, they join up and begin receiving important information on how to cope with the dangers and intricacies of the environment. This training includes a lot of instruction regarding the various quicksand pits there. See what happens when the lessons are followed - and when they're not...
Next is a thing called Paris Erotic Sinking.   The less said, the better. eh?
Then, we finish a tale of greed and deception called Jars of Coin. Kym and Lena have just knocked off a rich old man after forcing him to tell them where his treasure is hidden. They think nothing of the fact that it's supposed to be in the middle of a bog. But they realize soon enough that the old man knew there was quicksand, straight ahead....!
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