Quicksand, Too Late!
Collectors Edition
Running Time 90 minutes    Available on DVD-R
That's right - time is running out!
See if help arrives in time while you take in another seven timely vignettes.
Darby O'Riley, Brittany, Kym, Kristine, Paris Kennedy, Jessica Marsh, Sarai and Gummi.
As you can see, for some of them, it's already too late..
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First, Darby is a Lucky Bog Explorer who has a close shave in a real bog. She's dressed for the occasion, which is good, because after she loses her footing and starts to sink from sight, it starts to rain! If nothing else, she was too late to get out of the weather....

Next, Brittany experiences a Jungle Plane Crash.  She's a brave female pilot ferrying medical supplies deep into the Amazon, when her plane suffers a loss of control.
She survives the crash, but in her bruised and dazed condition, she finds another way to go down - way down!
This scene features extensive visual effects by David Brand.
Then, Kym is a rich bitch that has become separated from her entourage in the desert. After the wind blows her hat off her head, she finds herself at the mercy of a squishy,
 sticky, mucky beach. We call this
Sinking Posh.
In The Return of KristineDarby O'Riley is on the run from bad guys and their dogs. She's able to put some distance between her and her pursuers, but stumbles into
deadly quicksand. But lucky for her, her cries are heard by none other that the
Woman of Velvet and Steel, Kristine. Too late for her to return?  Hardly!
Then, Kym goes absolutely berserk in the Studio 588 peat pit.
We were about to wrap a season of shooting there, when I thought I would shoot something just for me (why not?). So I told Kym to put on a bikini and come down to the peat pit.
I've always been pretty good at sizing up models, and I thought it would be fun to tell her to "go crazy". So she did. As you can see, belly flops and cannon balls were just some of the
wild things she did. This is appropriately called
Kym Peat Crazy.

Then, it's back to the bog for the introduction of Gummi (pronounced GOO-mee).
Gummi is a dear friend of Darby, and it was a real stroke of luck that she was the other model we took into the wilds of Canada. She will no doubt become another MPV favorite.
Here, she encounters the same bog as Darby, but isn't lucky enough to rescue herself. Will help arrive in time? Or will it be
Too Late!

Finally, it's Radio Call, part 2! This time, Paris calls Jessica and Sarai to join her in the deadly clay pit of (her) pleasure.
Will there be a part 3?  It's probably too late for that.....
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