Quicksand Variety Pack #3
Collectors Edition
Running Time 133 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Variety is still a good thing, isn't it?
Here, we offer yet another varied offering of high quality sinking vignettes.
Gummi, Darby O'Riley, Lena Ramon, Kym, and Kristine, with a retro appearance by Jessica Marsh
So, grab yourself a pack. No recycling required!
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First, Gummi and Darby are Bikini Bog Babes. They set out to explore the part of earth where water meets the land - even if it's not clear where one ends and the other begins!
Along the way, they push each other in several times, and also discover that not all bogs are created equal. This one is actually pretty tough to get out of....

Next, Darby experiences Double Trouble as she escapes one deadly bog hole, only to fall into a second. It's not a completely original idea, but Darby executes it very well.
Can she get out a second time?
Then, Lena is still drunk, still pissed off at her boyfriend, and still unlucky with mud. This time though, it's quite a bit deeper - and there's a lot of it!
You have to wonder though, if she still has the same dress dress after three years, is it the same boyfriend? Just in case, we're calling this
Bastard Too.
Next, Darby is the victim of a Booby Trap. Gummi has stolen Darby's bikini top and carefully placed it in the middle of a dangerous bog. So, Darby comes along and tries to get it.
At first, it seems like she won't be able to reach it. But then, she finds the right path, and actually get it. But, as she's putting it on, the ground gives way and down she goes.
What is her fate after encountering the Booby Trap?  You'll have to watch and find out....
Then, Kym and Kristine play superheroes in a state of transition. Dark Star (Kym) is the new kid on the block, while Redwing (Kristine) has been around seemingly forever.
In this tale, Kym has plotted to eliminate Redwing and become just as famous. So, she sinks herself in a dangerous bog and calls for help. Redwing shows up, of course, and starts to rescue Dark Star. But, since it's not really a rescue, a fight breaks out in the bog. Who will prevail in
What Price Glory?
Finally, Gummi says No No! No!! as Darby ties her up and pushes her into a bottomless bog. With live narration by Duncan Edwards, this scene just can't miss!
Then, as a bonus feature, we get to enjoy camera footage of a photo shoot. Jessica Marsh is wrapped (naked) in orange "Do Not Enter" tape and placed in the Studio 588 peat pit.
Then, Duncan Edwards photographs her as she poses (and sinks).
Some patience is required, but watching this segment all the way through reveals some really nice visual moments, as well as Jessica's bountiful personality.
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