Sinking Sexy #1
Running Time 117 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Here is where we kick off a brand new series of DVDs featuring nothing but sinking sexiness!
Eight incredible scenes, featuring: 
Star, Ludella Hahn, Annabelle Genovisi,
Candle BoxxxKendra JamesNikko JordanSarah Michelle and Summer Monroe.
It's all arousal. It's all top drawer. It's Quicksand Visuals at its erotic best!


First, Star and Ludella walk past a 'Danger - Quicksand' sign, but it has a different meaning for each of them. For Ludella, it's exciting. Not so much for Star. And sure enough, they find it. Ludella sends Star away so she can explore her new play thing. She sinks nicely, enjoying the sensation of it. Star returns, and asks "How Does it Feel?" and Ludella tells her how it feels. Star isn't necessarily interested, but soon finds herself sinking next to Ludella. What was arousing before now becomes more so as they start kissing and sinking even deeper. What will become of the hot ladies in the bog?

Then, Annabelle sets a new standard for hotness in sticky messy sinky MPVBleck! She looks absolutely stunning in a corset and fishnet combo - and that's before she starts playing with the mess of MPVBleck that is too deep to touch bottom. See if you can make it through to the end. Because Annabelle is in rare form, even for her.
It's a sexy ride in and out of the grabby blecky mess for a hot babe sinking in sexy gear!
Next, Candle comes to a bog looking for fun. Dressed in only her bra and panties, she sets about sinking slowly and deliberately, using a fallen log for support. Candle loves to entertain, and her awesome looks and athletic prowess are on full display here as she puts on a 'quicksand show' like nobody can. She sinks up to her waist before hauling herself up and removing her underwear. Once naked, she sinks the rest of the way under, with some truly Candlesque dialog. Very nice indeed....  And does she escape to sink another day?  Watch the entire DVD carefully to find out!!
Then, Ludella is in her usual superb form as she taunts us with the idea of seeing her luscious body sinking in a pit of deep creamy clay! She knows what to say, and delivers her teasing dialogue slowly, with purpose. And she backs it up by going ever deeper into the mud until she disappears. But...she comes back up, completely covered - and ready for more!
AlsoKendra ties Nikko's hands behind her back and sends her into a wet peat bog, just to watch her sink. But watching Nikko gets Kendra revved up, so she gets a hold of a vine and joins Nikko in the mire. Nikko modulates between fear and arousal as Kendra taunts her about her predicament. After some kissing and rubbing, down goes Nikko, again and again. Kendra almost loses track of her at one point, but dives under and hauls her out. They collapse on the bank, exhausted, but satisfied.
Then,  It's time to do more than just play in deep MPVBleck and Sarah was ready to see just how aroused she could get in it. It didn't take long for her to find out that the stuff grabs anything you can stick in it, including her privates! She rocked herself, the bleck and the cameras with her energy and excitement. This was genuine stuck and sinking and erotic fun.
And, as a bonus scene, we thought it would be nice to have Summer pumping her legs up and down in the swirling sand of the Camp MPV quicksand pit, and she obliged us in style! The cameras did a really good job of capturing this sinking treat as Summer stretched and then ran in place - in the quicksand! Towards the end, she feels the heat and removes her top - just before sinking up to her chest and having second thoughts about trying this form of exercise. But a little extra exertion gets her out after all....
Sinking Sexy #1  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #1  DVD-R  Download
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