Sinking Sexy #4
Running Time 104 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
You want Quicksand that arouses everyone involved?  Well, here it is!  Annabelle Genovisi, Summer Monroe,
Odette Delacroix
, Star, and Little Mina find that sinking is pleasurable.
If you're here, you'll undoubtedly like it as well....


First,  ever thought about seeing a feisty Italian babe get completely psychotic and drag an athletic blonde Amazon into a bottomless bog? Ok, maybe not. But that's what we have here. And both ladies are absolute perfection! Annabelle is so hyped up, she doesn't even realize what she's doing. She just wants to see a mighty struggle by a hot chick. But, luckily for her, Summer has a strong survival instinct as well as a strong body. But will it be enough? Kooky Annabelle really has them both in a deep spot....out!

Then, Odette takes on the 'Sinking About You' theme is style as she enjoys a nice dip in real quicksand while teasing the camera with sexy dialogue! It takes her a while to settle into a nice groove, but when she does, it's very entertaining. Odette has a very distinctive teasing style that will please lot of folks with a voyeuristic mind set. And the wet sand swirling around her compact and active body doesn't hurt!
Next,  an MPVBleck pit just can't retire without providing Star with an opportunity to release a load of sexual aggression. And what a load this was! Nearly a half hour of fun, as Star dials in the perfect 'velocity' for a severe gripping of her privates and maximum motion. In other words, the bleck will lock up if she moves slightly faster, but won't 'pull' on her as much if she moves slower. You kinda have to feel it yourself to really understand. But then, watch Star carefully. It may be all you need to share in the fun!!
Then, what happens when her friends slip Summer some Ecstasy the day she plans to secretly sink for the first time? THIS. Summer is a loner. So her friends decide to spice things up for her and get her to meet some guys. But she slips away, puts on her favorite nighty and explores a well researched and secluded peat bog. And it's all so 'overwhelming'! Wide eyed and bushytailed is pretty much her reaction to the deep and mushy bog. Submerging twice, she managed to crawl out, amazed. Fun for us as well!
Also, as if Annabelle's rousing initial encounter with Deep MPVBleck wasn't enough, we told her to go ahead and explore the erotic aspect of this soft yet hard yet sticky goop we call MPVBleck. And explore she did! Annabelle is really good at narrating her experiences as she has them. And that's good, because it's hard to imagine sometimes just how dynamic the bleck is under the surface, alternatively turning hard and soft and pinning parts of her body together like glue. But there's plenty to enjoy above the surface too, as Annabelle gets covered in the goo in a very delightful way. Check out the preview. This scene will be hard to leave alone once it's in your collection!
Then, Little Mina doesn't mind getting hip deep in a bog, but once she's there, she realizes that it might be fun to actually go deeper than that. She hangs onto an overhead log, but her sensual discovery clouds her judgment and she lets herself sink deeper. Arousal turns (mostly) into fear, and she exclaims "Too Deep!" several times, perhaps with more than one meaning. Will she escape? If she does, it will be after she slips under the surface of this dangerous place!
Sinking Sexy #4  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #4  DVD-R  Download
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