Sinking Sexy #11
Running Time 119 minutes     Available on DVD-R and as DVD-R Download
Do they sink for pleasure or peril?
Well perhaps there is pleasure in the peril. In any case, the result is pleasure - of a decidedly sexual nature.
Summer Monroe, Nyssa Nevers, Star, Ashley Lane, Michelle and Sadie Holmes just can't sink too deep or too often.
But we can watch them try!


First, we had Summer by herself at Camp MPV for a day. So, we reached deep into out bag of tricks and decided to have her try Bog Dipping. Good choice! Summer loves to sink. And bog dipping means *lots* of sinking. She doesn't go too deep at first. But each time she lets herself slip into the mire, it's deeper, until her dress is completely filthy. That comes off of course, and we continue to marvel at how nice she looks while hauling herself out of the mire. The last time she goes in, she can't reach the platform (of course). Is that the end? Or will she climb out to dip again another day?

Then, we had some thickening MPVBleck waiting for Nyssa. And it turns out, she had a super sexy outfit waiting for a chance to get trashed. So we found ourselves filming an epic stuck and struggling scene, complete with thigh high boots and Nyssa enjoying a commando outing in the clutching bleck! The pit was deep and grabby, so Nyssa sank many times, going deeper with each try. The sweat is real, because the struggling was intense - as well as the sinking. This is fittingly our first offering from the 2018 season. Might as well start out with something awesome!
Next, Star is ready to take advantage of a stout rope she saw hanging down in the swamp. It was right at the edge of a large pool of quicksand - perfect for playtime. So she shows up dressed for action, in an extremely high cut swimsuit that seems to have been made for her. She holds onto the rope and slips in several times. Each time is deeper of course. Next she takes a running start and swings out deep into the mire. At the end, she simply steps into the deepest area, leaving the rope behind. Why? Maybe she found the answer for us deep under the surface...
Then, Ashley really likes the feeling of wet sand against her body. Especially very fine sand. And especially between her legs. If she didn't already know this, she found out in a big hurry, because we filled a new quicksand area with high quality sand and told her go and enjoy herself in it. Maybe she kinda knew. But it was obvious to everyone before too long. Ashley teased herself at first. She played with the sand with her hands and feet before letting herself sink into it. Even then, her wet dress shielded her body from the full glare of the sand and the feeling of the cameras. But before too long, the dress comes off and Ashley has sex in the wet sand - several times! Note - this is a graphic scene that leaves nothing about quicksand masturbation to the imagination.
Also, Michelle is doing it again - in the mud! It seems like this is the only way she can feel satisfied. Of course she starts out innocent enough by just rubbing the gooey clay on her legs. But, pretty soon her skort is in the way. So it comes off. She rubs more mud on herself. But then, her top is in the way too, so off it goes. But the real fun starts when she slides her long legs into the deep part of the clay hole. Bouncing up and down does it for her. But she can't get out without peaking a couple more times while humping the thick mud! (She literally works up a sweat as well).
As usual though, she sobers up enough to put her clothes back on and walk away casually. Nobody will notice, right?

And finally, there's something special about Sadie. Actually, there several things that are special about Sadie, especially her dialogue and lanky figure and long legs. So when she gets messy in the bog and then climbs out and spreads them, it's a sight to behold. And so it goes that Sadie beguiles her audience with a sexy invitation to masturbate to her sinking in the mire. In fact, just listening to this scene would probably push many fans right over the edge. And the Hammer Swamp added by accepting Sadie on this day, and squelching its approval many times.
Like other great MPV offerings, this is a scene that you will enjoy many times!

Sinking Sexy #11  DVD-R


Sinking Sexy #11  DVD-R  Download
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