Quicksand Arousal
Running Time  2 hours 13 minutes (disc 1) and 3 hours 40 minutes (disc 2)
Available on DVD-R only
Finally, the third installment in our vintage MPV quicksand trilogy of titles!
Quicksand Arousal is the sultry companion to Quicksand Terror and Quicksand Dramas.  
15 Ladies in 22 scenes of arousal by muck. The deeper they go, the hotter they get!  
Two discs totaling nearly seven hours of enveloping entertainment!
 Following are highlights from the feature disc.  Click Here for the bonus disc.
The scenes start out with a bang with Shaun heating up a deep clay pit while talking to the camera. She is followed by Danielle, Francesca,
Ariel, Sherilyn Gold and Mina. Each of these ladies display unique reactions to playing and sinking in deep mud and quicksand.  

Next is Skylar, Tori Sinclair, Brandi, Janice Woods, Stephanie and a set of twins!

Then, Mina acts out a romantic fantasy called 'I Love You Mark'. She sets up a video camera at a place she has been told not to visit alone.
In an attempt to please her lover, she enters an innocent looking patch of mud. In no time at all, the warm and creamy ooze is working its
magic on Mina's nubile body. And before she realizes what is happening, she is trapped by the seductive deep end of the pool.
What will happen next?

Then it's Kelly Thomas, Ariel, Stephanie and Sherilyn Gold in further solo action. There are 14 submersions on this DVD!

And then we present Shaun, Mina, Francesca and Alex Foxe. Some of the mud looks the same, but these babes will leave individual 
marks on the viewers memory banks!

Lastly, Skylar Nicholas and Brandi play out a vignette called 'Lady See, Lady Do'. The story unfolds as Brandi happens upon Skylar as
Skylar is enjoying herself in a deep and dangerous bog hole. While it is obvious to Brandi that Skylar is enjoying herself immensely,
the sudden voyeur fails to notice that Skylar uses a well placed rope to save herslf. What will happen when Brandi tries to
imitate Skylar's indulgence? Watch the DVD and find out!

Click Here for pics from the Quicksand Arousal bonus disc.
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