Sinking Sexy #11

Do they sink for pleasure or peril?
Well perhaps there is pleasure in the peril. In any case, the result is pleasure - of a decidedly sexual nature.
Summer Monroe, Nyssa Nevers, Star, Ashley Lane, Michelle and
Sadie Holmes just can't sink too deep or too often.
But we can watch them try!
-- NEW! --
Sinking Sexy #10

Ready for another interesting collection of Sexy Sinkers? There is something here for just about everyone, but most will like it all! 
Ashley Lane, Nyssa Nevers, Star, Jolly and Summer Monroe sink into all manner of danger and pleasure - or is that pleasurable danger?
-- NEW! --
Sinking Sexy #9

Whether it be peaty bogs, deep and slippery clay or sinking sand, these ladies turn them into something very sexy!
Sadie Holmes,  Ashley Lane, Brittany Shae, May and Summer Monroe have
a gorgeously erotic time sinking and submerging for our entertainment. Sinking fantasies are real!!
Sinking Sexy #8

Variety is the spice of life, they say. If that's true, then this is one tasty title! Here are scenes that feature a wide spectrum of beautiful ladies and sinky play spots. But what they all have in common is pleasure. And it shows!
Star, Nyssa Nevers, Ashley Lane, Sadie Holmes, Little Mina and Anabelle Pync sink for the delight - theirs and yours!
Sinking Sexy #7

Here's a collection of scenes that are sure to satisfy. Beautiful bodies coupled with an assortment of attitudes towards sinking!
Summer Monroe
, Sarah Michelle, Anabelle Pync, Ashley Lane
and Nyssa Nevers sink into your consciousness.
Watch them go!!
Sinking Sexy #6

We're glad that we started this series of DVDs.
They really do sink sexy!

Sarah Michelle
, Little MinaLudella Hahn, Summer Monroe, Nikko Jordan, and Star Nine sink into our minds.
There really is no escape!!
Sinking Sexy #5

These ladies keep getting deeper, and even more aroused! Annabelle Genovisi, Summer MonroeNikko Jordan,  Star Nine,
Kendra James
, and Saraliz know that sinking is sexual.
It's when Quicksand feels oh, so good!
Sinking Sexy #4

You want Quicksand that arouses everyone involved? Well, here it is! Annabelle Genovisi, Summer MonroeOdette Delacroix,
, and Little Mina find that sinking is pleasurable.
If you're here, you'll undoubtedly like it as well....
Sinking Sexy #3

It's time for another batch of sinking arousal with an edge....
Another six gripping scenes, featuring:
Summer Monroe, Saraliz,
Kendra James, Ludella Hahn, and Annabelle Genovisi.
Sinking Sexy is what happens when Quicksand Visuals gets erotic!
Sinking Sexy #2

Here is where we continue a brand new series of DVDs featuring nothing but sinking sexiness!
Six incredible scenes, featuring:
Annabelle Genovisi, Sarah Michelle,
Odette Delacroix, Nikko Jordan, and Ludella Hahn.
Sinking Sexy is what's all about... It's Quicksand Visuals at its erotic best!
Sinking Sexy #1

Here is where we kick off another brand new series of DVDs,
 featuring nothing but erotic sinking!
Seven awesome scenes, featuring:
  Star, Ludella Hahn, Annabelle Genovisi, Candle Boxxx, Kendra James, Nikko Jordan, Sarah Michelle
 and S
ummer Monroe.
It's all arousal. It's all top drawer. It's Quicksand Visuals at its erotic best!!

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